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A Big Thanks And Winner Of Sigma Giveaway

big-thank-you Giveaways are super fun to host and I love having giveaways more than anything because I get to meet loads of wonderful people that way.The Sigma Cleansing And Polishing Tool Giveaway was run in the same spirit and I'm totally overwhelmed by the amazing response I got: total 235 participants with over 1500 entries is fantastic I would say!
So I guess a big gigantic thank you is in order.It's because of wonderful gals like you that Beauty And The Blog is such a success.Thanks so much for inspiring me and making my virtual space count for something(even if it deals with something as vain as beauty!).
I know it took almost a week for me to announce the results but it was quite a task sorting through the entries, checking and rechecking because I wanted to be really fair.And there were very few dubious entries.Though the one major thing that made my job a bit harder was the missing extra information.The extra info is the most important part and allows me to check your entries.So if it's missing I can't check which means your entry goes to waste.So next time make sure you have filled in the extra info part.
Anyhoo onto the winner:
sigma cleansing winner sigma cleansing winner1 Congratulations Jennifer!
I have lots of surprises and giveaways planned for my wonderful readers in the new year, so stay tuned and keep visiting Beauty And The Blog.

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