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7 Best Supplements for Beauty

7 Best Supplements for Beauty
As anyone who has ever walked down the vitamin aisle can attest to, there is a vitamin and supplement for just about everything. But did you know that there are a few that are especially designed for beauty? To help give you a better idea, I have selected seven supplements to examine more closely that can help you look your best.
  1. Vitamin B – Whether it is the standard B or B12, all of the B-class vitamins are an essential part to building healthy hair and skin. It improves skin function, replaces dead cells, and does much more to keep a body beautiful.
  2. Fish oil – It isn’t just for heart health, the fatty acids found in it can also have wonderful anti-aging properties. The DHA in fish oil also helps your system feel full sooner, making it a natural anti-suppressant and a good choice for those trying to lose weight. It also helps with cholesterol, cancer risk, and much more.
  3. Biotin – Whether man or woman, hair loss or thinning is common as we get older. To help naturally counteract it, grab a biotin supplement. It is a form of Vitamin B, known as Vitamin B7 or Vitamin H. Not only can it help regrow hair, it can make hair shinier and even help with skin appearance.
  4. Vitamin C – Don’t just take it as part of a flu-fighting regimen. Vitamin C is also a powerful anti-oxidant which helps repair and even prevent skin damage. It also helps with energy production which can help keep you looking fit.
  5. Vitamin E – This one of the most commonly associated vitamins with skin health and for good reason. Vitamin E combats those free radicals which can damage skin. Whether taken as a supplement or as part of a lotion, it has many benefits, even protection from sun damage.
  6. Calcium – Nothing makes you look old quite like aging bones. The “hunched over” look can often be associated with osteoporosis, or a weakening of the bones. The best supplement for this is calcium, which can help strengthen bones. Be sure and take in combination with a Vitamin D supplement to ensure that it is absorbed properly.
  7. Multi-vitamin – It goes without saying that the multi-vitamin approach is the best to whatever ails you. They are the most complete way to get all your vitamins in pill form and can even include many of the above vitamins as part of their offering. If too expensive, check out the generic brand which can often be identical to its brand name counterpart.
Be sure and consult a physician or pharmacist if taking any vitamins or supplements, as they can have unintended side effects when taken with certain medications.

Guest Post By Paige Dagmar.
Paige is a student and also writes for Pharmacy Degrees  which helps students find the right pharmacy degree.



  1. This is what I was looking for.. Very Very Informative Post!! :) Thank you soooo much Sonieee <3 (I'll consult my physician today and ask abt these supplements) :)

  2. @Lancy: Glad you found it useful :)

  3. @Pavani: Vit E spells magic potion for your skin.I love mixing a crushed tablet of vit e in my massage cream for pampering my skin.

  4. I use to add break vitamin C capsule and add to my massage cream :)


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