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5 Forgotten Secrets to Get Rid of Acne

Despite modern medical advances, acne is one problem that still suffers from a lot of misinformation and myths. Perhaps it's due to the amount of commercials for products that claim to be able to give you overnight results. If you were to believe their claims, product companies would have you thinking that it's possible to load your face up with cream and get rid of acne in just a few days. While there are definitely some great products on the market, there is still no universal cure that will solve the situation within just one week. It's important to remember that the visible blemishes you see now are a result of complex processes that started a few weeks ago. That means most people are rushing towards fast acting answers for something that is beyond their control. Here are some often-forgotten elements to keep in mind to give yourself a more comprehensive solution to acne.

Give Your Skin A Break - Rather than bombarding your face with various treatments and constantly obsessing about the problem, it's important to let your skin heal naturally as well. You have to remember that acne creams are not exactly conducive for general skin health. Many of them are actually trying to counteract what happens naturally on your skin. The result is a lot of stress and pressure due to excessive treatment that can eventually aggravate the situation. It's important to find a careful balance between going full force and knowing when to pull back so that you give your skin a break.

Drink Lots Of Water - A very simple step that most people seem to neglect is keeping their skin hydrated on a variety of levels. It's important to find a good moisturizing product in addition to keep yourself dehydrated internally as well. There is nothing simpler than making sure that you drink plenty of water each day and maintain a good hydration routine. Water is also preferable to other beverages that may contain too much caffeine or sugar for your system.

Get Plenty Of Sleep - Have you ever stayed up just a little bit too long or cut your sleep short only to develop breakouts? This is a common occurrence that happens for a variety of reasons. Sleep is the stage during which your skin heals and it produces the least amount of oil during this time. If you deprive yourself of sleep, you can be putting a lot of pressure on your skin which can eventually make things worse. Sleep is also the perfect stage for your chosen acne medication to absorb into your skin, so make sure that you get full use from your products by applying them right before you go to bed.

Reduce Stress - It's not just pollutants and toxins that you have to worry about, your skin can suffer from stress as well. We are living in an incredibly stressful time and people have a lot of worries on their mind. Constantly suffering from anxiety about daily life or specific events can take a toll on your appearance. Remember, your skin needs the occasional break and benefits from reduced stress levels. It's well-known that oil production is provoked when you're stressed out, and this can affect you throughout the course of any given day. This can definitely help out when you're dealing with how to get rid of blackheads which is heavily related to excess oil on your face.

Diet And Exercise - While eating oily foods and chocolate might not lead directly to acne, a healthy diet can certainly benefit your skin. It's important to remember that food is responsible for nourishing your skin and replenishing lost minerals and vitamins. A healthy diet helps to keep your body in check while making sure everything is in perfect order. The same can be said for daily exercise that helps to keep your circular system regulated as well. There are internal factors at play such as hormones and free radicals that can be kept in check with a good amount of exercise. Remember, taking care of your entire body ends up benefiting your skin on the whole. While improving your eating patterns and exercise habits aren't going to get rid of your pimples alone, they can definitely make your chosen treatment a lot more effective.

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  1. So true, the simplest techniques and the ones we need to force ourselves to do like drink water and sleep properly! Speaking of which, I better start doing the latter because my face is getting kinda stressed out these days!
    Great post :)

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