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My Take: The Body Shop Nail Polishing Block

Review The Body Shop Nail Polishing Block
What It Claims
It's nails by number with this four-step buffer. Leaves nails smooth, shiny, and ready for a pretty polish.Follow the numbers on each side for perfect nails.

How To Use

Review The Body Shop Nail Polishing Block
Use the black side to file your nails into shape

Review The Body Shop Nail Polishing Block
Use the green side to help smooth away ridges from the surface of the nails

Review The Body Shop Nail Polishing Block
Use the grey side to help buff the nails

Review The Body Shop Nail Polishing Block
Use the white side to add a natural-looking sheen to the surface of the nails

Rs 195

The Good
  • An awesome multitasker.One block files, buffs and polishes nails.
  • The best thing about the block is that it shines up your nails within seconds and I'm not talking regular shine but sparkles as if you have used a transparent nail coat like shine.
  • And the shine stays for at least a week without having to worry about chipping or flaking.
  • It actually removes ridges to give your nails a super smooth surface.
  • It removes minor stains from polishes, nothing major but it still does.And also prevents yellowing of nails since it forms a layer while polishing which acts as a barrier to which the polish sticks.
  • The barrier also ensures the polish sticks on better and lasts longer.
  • Small enough to carry easily in your handbag for on the go nail TLC.
  • Way better than using nails polishes since it does the same job minus the chemicals.
The Bad
  • The surfaces are basically sandpapers of different grits so they do wear out and become less effective over time.
  • Gets dirty really quickly and cleaning is a bit tricky.
  • Expensive.Effective yeah but still the 200 buck price tag does pinch.
  • If you use it more than once a week, it becomes less effective not to mention it makes nails really thin out and become more brittle.So I suggest using it about once every fortnight.
Love It Or Chuck It
This baby is my fail safe way of getting perfect glossy nails without having to bother with nail paints.So obviously Love It.I use it once every 2 weeks to keep my nails looking healthy and glowing(if that's possible).It is a must in my Lazy Girl manicure kit.  

PS: I know pictures of my nails would have helped but for some weird reason my camera was not picking up the shine so I gave up, but trust me it works.


  1. I didn't realize that The Body Shop had one of those! I do love them though! Blocks like that make my nail polish stay on for SO much longer!

  2. I bought something similar ages ago at a beauty sale & exhibition & it's lost its potency. I was worried about replacing it but I'll gladly buy this now. 200 bucks is just fine with me.

  3. @Habbott2: Exactly.Plus my nails never seem to stain while using darker polishes.
    @Poohkie: This will to if you use it too often but otherwise it's awesome.Wait till you see how shiny your nails get.


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