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Freshly Shopped: Another Haul Haul and Review
The Rupee is at an all time low these days ($54 !$&*^#@*% ) which makes hauling/shopping posts a bad idea right now.So it's a good thing that this haul is from one of the cheapest online fashion stores: prices are wholesale and the collection is absolutely mind boggling.Once you decide to shop it's going to take hours and hours of fun browsing to narrow down your choice.My previous experience was a great one and this time around too the haul turned out to be pretty good.

Obviously it took me ages to decide what I wanted to get and actually the haul was a result of my never ending search for beige pumps.The t-shirts were just an after thought.Anyways I'll get down to what I got.

Motor Girl Printed Cotton T-shirt ~ $1.89 Haul and Review
Stock Photo Haul and Review
I have this thing for white tees.Just can't seem to have enough of them.And the "motor girl"  looked pretty darn cute. In the stock photo the t-shirt seemed longer but unfortunately it turned out to be quite short.Don't mind though.The only major peeve is the misspelled slogan, though it might not be too noticeable.The material is super soft and comfy.Worth the 100 bucks I paid for it. Haul and Review

Two Piece Button Embellished T-shirt ~ $1.35 Haul and Review
This looked super cute on the model and the price was simply irresistible.Again a bit short in length but looks nice tucked in. Haul and Review
Stock Photo
Wish the buttons were smaller like in the stock photo though.Both the t-shirts are a tight fit and it's a miracle I fit in them (just about) otherwise they would have been a waste. Haul and Review

Camelbird Waterproof High Heel Pump in Apricot ~ $12.16 Haul and Review
I've been looking for a decent pair of beige pumps forever so the second I stumbled across these I knew I had to have them specially considering the price.In the stock photo the bumpy design is not too visible plus the colour veers towards the beiger side.In reality these are a gorgeous shade of pink beige (which the camera is not picking).The dotted design gives the pumps a whole new dimension. Haul and Review
Stock Photo Haul and Review Haul and Review
I got these in 37 and though they are a snug fit, they are a bit tight in the front.Not a major problem since most pumps pose the same problem for me.I normally stretch them out using the freezer method and they are good to go (will tell ya in another post how I stretch out my shoes).Since the heels are platform they are really comfortable to walk in despite being 4 inches.My only problem with them is that there is this unsightly gap between my feet and the shoe even though the shoe is a fit.Otherwise these are just the perfect pair of beige(/apricot) pumps that I was looking for. Haul and Review
The order was placed on 25th of April and I received the package on 1st of May via JCEx which is pretty fast for international delivery. Haul and Review
Everything was wrapped in plastic bags.The shoe box bore the brunt of the long journey but the shoes were in perfect condition. Haul and Review
Loads of people commented on the enormous shipping fees charged in my previous post, but in all fairness they use reliable shipping methods with tracking and insurance available.Plus shipping costs for shoes is always on the steeper side.I really don't mind the shipping costs since everything else is so cheap and even after adding the shipping costs it works out to be a sweet bargain.I do however wish they had an option for different clothing sizes.

Overall it was a good thing I got these before the rupee went screaming up.I have loads of other stuff on my wishlist and most probably I'll be hauling again soon.So watch out for plenty more wholesale haul posts.

Meanwhile check out their website or read my review on to see what I got in my previous haul.And in case you do decide to shop you can use this coupon code:

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  1. WOW! Love your shopping stuff <3 <3


  2. very pretty haul :* are droolworthy. . . I checked the website but found shipping charges a little turnoff :( . . . did you pay the customs too ???

  3. Wowww, eevrything is just soooooooo reasonable, rather lesser than that! Awesome haul!

  4. i like ur haul! u must be using CC for making payment na! ur tees are so beautiful bt dey dont fit me as i wear Large to XL so i am heartbroken. will wait for ur post on how to stretch out shoes

  5. @Megha: Thanks :)
    @Rashmi: Yeah the shipping can be a bummer but even then it works out a bargain.You have to pay customs if your order is over $100
    @Manya:Yeah! my whole order came to less $16
    @Vanu: Size is the biggest problem with them.Try talking to customer service they might be able to help you out.And you can always buy shoes and accessories.

  6. how much did the shipping charges come upto? was it double of what the products costed?

  7. How did you make the payment?? Please let me know i want to buy some stuffs too.

  8. @anon: they have a number of options for payment.I would recommend Paypal.


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