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Getting Ready for a Major Hairstyle Change

Unlike superstars such as Katy Perry that seemingly go through a major hairstyle change every week, a normal woman usually sticks with a specific hairstyle for several months or even years at a time. Therefore, when it is time to switch things up, many women plan for a grand overhaul of their hairstyle. Too often, this dramatic departure doesn't work out well the first time around and the woman will need to make lots of little alterations until she develops the exact appearance she was going for. While not every major hairstyle change will be as successful as Perry's retro pink locks, a woman who prepares correctly will find that she is ultimately more happy with her cut and doesn't need to keep changing it to get it right.

Getting Ready for a Major Hairstyle Change
If a woman has been sporting the same hairstyle for a long time, what she wants for her new look will probably be dramatically different. Instead of taking this idea to the salon as soon as it comes up, she should consult with trusted friends that will give her an honest opinion about how the style will look. Before making a major change like this, it is much better to wait at least a week before acting on the impulse. In this manner, the woman can get away from some of the emotions of choosing a new hairstyle and objectively look at how the style may fit her individual needs and research more examples to find the absolute perfect fit.

Getting Ready for a Major Hairstyle Change
In choosing the right hairstyle, it is especially important to be wary of trends and fads. What may seem like an emerging style may actually be on its way out of fashion, meaning that the woman will feel a need to change her hair again soon afterwards. For a woman that only makes major changes every few years, it's better to stick with classic looks that have stood the test of time and will surely last until the woman is ready for her next hair makeover. At the same time, trying on a trending hairstyle can be a great way for a woman to break out of the rut of keeping the same hair for years on end. The decision to try on a trend, like pixie cuts or ombre hair, will depend on what the woman is hoping to get out of her hairstyle change.

Getting Ready for a Major Hairstyle Change
By taking the necessary time to really think about making a major hairstyle change, a woman will be able to consider all of the relevant factors and talk about them with her hairdresser before sitting down in the chair. She should think about how the style will fit her particular facial shape, what areas of the face it will highlight, and how much daily maintenance will be needed to keep the hair looking as good as possible. Asking these questions before getting the cut will ensure that the woman knows exactly what she wants and is not simply making a major hair mistake based on an impulse.
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