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Wear Makeup And Keep Looking Natural

Wear Makeup And Keep Looking Natural
Some girls are just naturals when it comes to make-up (no pun intended). They never learned how to do it; yet, their common sense tells them what to wear, in what amount, and how to apply it. However, it is very common for other people to need some help. There are girls who don’t even do their make-up for this reason.

Too much make-up doesn’t look good either, especially nowadays where a natural look is more valuable than too much production. Many times, however, you may feel that you’re wearing too much make-up, even if you only used eyeliner and eye shadow…how so? There are many things to take into consideration when seeking to achieve a natural look.

Rule #1: Colours

Try to stay within one colour range. You can choose any colour as long as you follow this rule. Also, choosing a light one creates a more ‘daily’ look. For example, if you have pale skin, stick to light colours (brown, pinkish, bluish…they’re all okay as they are light). This will liven up your skin. If your skin is darker you can also use these colours, and the effect will be lighting up your look.

Rule #2: Less is more

Don’t fear that you’re not wearing enough make-up. Many times, a bit of blush, eye shadow, mascara and lip gloss will do the trick. In this case, it’s better to stick to minimalism. You should still look like yourself, but with accented face features. This will highlight your natural beauty instead of turning you into a completely different person.

Rule #3: Make one thing stand out at a time.

If you want the focus of attention to be your eyes, choose a sober colour for your lips. For example, if you want to use eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, that’s okay as long as you keep in mind that the attention focus will be your eyes, so don’t go for a reddish colour on your lips. If you do, you won’t look bad of course. It’s just that you will lose the ‘natural’ look.

Rule #4: Everything counts

So it’s not only about the make-up you are wearing, but also about your accessories, your clothes, your hair, etc. If you love accessories, clothes and hairdos, keep in mind that you cannot try to focus on all of them at the same time. Choose one, and remain “neutral” as to the rest. For example, if you’re wearing a somehow significant necklace, don’t wear huge earrings, nor barrettes or a two-hour taking hairdo. Balance is the key to an harmonic look.

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  1. I agree wid all the points mentioned here

  2. nice hit my nerve there. . . i suck at makeup evenm after reading so many beauty blogs since 6 months now . . . i just cant find the right foundation, concealer, blusher. . .or maybe i dont know the right amout . .

  3. @Rashmi: Always remember less is more and you should be fine :)

  4. I absolutely agree with you post. Especially during summer when going to the beaches, the natural look is a must.

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