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Freshly Shopped : A Day of Couriers & Parcels

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Remember that song about magpies from your childhood : one for sorrow, two for joy, three for letter........
Well I saw 3 magpies today in the morning and since I strictly adhere to the song I started expecting a letter(or rather an email), but I never expected parcels of beauty goodies.Ok 2 parcels to be precise.The first one from Avon containing my latest haul and the other a surprise from Lakme(more about that in a later post [link here]).
Here are some pictures and first impressions of my Avon haul :

Simply Pretty Mini Kohl Eyeliner In Dark Brown

I bought this as a first makeup gift for my 6 year old niece, so haven't opened the packaging.It is small, cute and has natural ingredients which makes it an ideal present for her.
Price : Rs 89 for 0.9 gm
Bargain Price: Rs 75

Simply Pretty ColorBliss Lipsticks in Cherry Red & Luscious Chocolate

 I wanted to try bold lipstick shades and since I'm already a fan of these lipsticks so I decided to further my collection and add some color to my lipstick arsenal.
Price: Rs 125 for 4 gm
Bargain Price: Rs 159 for two

Simple Elements - Crisp Forest EDC

It might sound weird but I'm a closet men's perfume user.Alright secret's out, but I really can't help it.It is stronger and I love the musky undertones.This one though is not that strong and  lingers as  citrusy and  woody  kinda like the tag line "Like a journey into the deep wood".I also have the Sunshine variant of this perfume(for women !!!) and I love that too.Though I wish it was more lasting.
Price: Rs 439 for 30 ml
Bargain Price: Rs 299

Senses Deo Spray - Get Ready(Fresh Aquatic) & Re-charge(Citrus Fruity)

 I bought this only for the irresistible offer and found it pretty good to my surprise.It claims to give you 24 hour protection and is alcohol free.
Price: Rs 139 for 150 ml
Bargain Price : Rs 199 for two

Little Black Dress EDP

This perfume is supposed to be a dupe of Vera Wang perfume and since I had heard good things about the LBD range, I gave the EDP a chance.The first notes have a lingering scent of alcohol which eventually paves way for a more floral scent.Can't really comment on whether it is lasting or not.
Price: Rs 700 for 50 ml
Bargain Price: Rs 599 plus Glazewear Lip Gloss

And finally my favorite of the lot

Glazewear Shine Lip Gloss in Darling Pink 

I think it's time to be honest.I actually bought the LBD for this freebie(I loved the color,reviews and freebies are my weakness).I could not resist trying it on and I'm already in love with it.I think I will do full justice and give you a more detailed review soon.
Price: Rs 329 for 4.5 gm
Bargain Price : Free !!!

Apart from the above discounts I also got a 15% volume discount which made the deal even sweeter.
And now to the Lakme parcel.Well it is actually a long story and I want to do it justice so will write an exclusive post on it soon.
I mentioned in one of my posts(How To Spend Less On Makeup/Cosmetics) that becoming a rep is a great way to avail volume discounts and make a few extra bucks.Well my current haul just proves the point na.....

PS:You can become an Avon Rep free of cost.Check their website for more details:


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