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How To Spend Less On Makeup/Cosmetics

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Shopping is addictive business and shopping for cosmetics.....Don't get me started.Every time I pass a makeup counter at the mall,store,supermarket, every time a new catalog arrives, every time I hear of online discounts, I'm filled with an inexplicable urge to shop(with my sub conscious berating me constantly).
One might thing buying high-end brands are responsible for the dent in our pockets but in reality even the drugstore route can take you the same way.Reason? Trying new colors, replacing old makeup and following new trends not to mention whims and urges are responsible.
However cosmetics can be bought without sending your budget in an overdrive.Just keep the following in mind and you will be safe.

Keep An Inventory
The first thing to do is inventorize your makeup possessions.Sounds like a tedious job, but it's the easiest way to know what you have so that you don't end up buying it twice.When I finally plucked courage to do an inventory I realized I had four lipsticks in almost the same shade from different brands, 2 black eyeliners and 3 blue eyeliners.I keep buying my favorites over and over again without realizing I'm duplicating them.So trying out new colors in the name of buying makeup is actually a farce.Swatch your lipsticks, eye liners,eye shadows and blushes on plain white paper and sellotape over it.Write the name, color and brand below it, so that you know in a glance what you have.

Barter Makeup
Ok so what to do if you do end up with duplicate stuff.Or buy something only to realize later that you don't like it. Have a makeup swap with friends.Take all your unused makeup and get your friends together to trade them.This way you are not burdened with makeup you don't want and gain something you might want in the bargain.Just make sure to swap unused stuff only.

Go For Teen Makeup Brands
Most brands sell cosmetics meant for teenagers packaged under a different brand name like Streetwear(Revlon), Elle 18(Lakme), VisionV(Oriflame), Simply Pretty(Avon).These are basically the same makeup because the brand is the same  but targeted to suit the pockets of teenagers.The quality is definitely not compromised rather the packaging,weight and color selections are compromised to justify the low costs.This is a great way to try out new colors and test the brand also without spending a huge amount.

Ask For Samples
Most makeup companies offer free samples, you just have to ask.This is a great way to test products without buying them and later regretting your purchase.These can last you a long time too.Sign up for online surveys companies hold when they are launching new products.You will be asked to fill out a survey form and in return they will send you some samples to try out and give your opinion on.

Follow The Crowd
Purchasing your cosmetics at a local drugstore/supermarket as opposed to high end cosmetics counter can help you save a lot of money.Shop where the gentry would and try out some low priced brands every once in a while.Most generic brands usually have the same quality as some of the higher priced brands do.Make cosmetic shopping a part of your grocery shopping to take advantage of reward points or other promotional deals offered by the stores.Sometimes these savings include buy two for the price of one which is an excellent deal if you use the product.

Become A Rep
If you want to make extra money and at the same time save on cosmetics consider becoming a direct seller.Avon and Oriflame are two brands that are present in India and offer excellent business opportunities as well as savings on makeup.You can buy your makeup at wholesale prices and add a new source of income.Plus this is also a great way to make new friends and meet people.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes
Brushes tend to build up with makeup overtime which makes them absorb more makeup.Clean your brushes regularly with soap and water to prevent them catching more makeup than is necessary.

Shop Online
Shopping online does not only mean savings but is also a great way to lay your hands on international brands at low costs, though sometimes the shipping costs can mar your happiness.But even then you can end up with a better deal.I bought NYX Makeup(2 Lip Gloss, 1 Jumbo Pencil and a Mosaic Powder) for a total of Rs 840(including shipping) at Cherry Culture, which if I had bought locally would easily have cost me 2000 bucks(the Mosaic Powder alone costs Rs 945).The catch here is that you have to rely on the online swatches which can be misleading sometimes.Whenever shopping online do your research online.Many beauty blogs offer great product swatches and reviews from which you can benefit.Also do an online price comparison while keeping in mind the shipping charges which can be a deal breaker.Read my post on Shopping Online For Cosmetics for tips.However you can combine your order with your friends and share shipping.This would make the online bargains much sweeter.

Since you know now how not to spend a fortune on cosmetics, you can shop some more without a guilt ridden conscious.


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