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My Take: Mattify! Cosmetics Sparkling Eye Shadows

Mattify! Cosmetics Sparkling Eye Shadows Review And Swatch In Twilight Cotton Candy Iced Apricot Woodland Fairy
What It Claims
Mattify! Long Lasting Eye Shadows all contain the same Kaolin Clay mixture as Mattify! Original Powder - giving them a superb oil absorbing base and staying power.
There has never been a cosmetic item that multi-tasks like this.
Each Mattify! Long Lasting Eye Shadow can be worn as:
  • Eye Shadow
  • Eye Liner
  • Lip Gloss
  • Nail Polish
For detailed directions on how to apply read:

Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Tin Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, Kaolin Clay, Cornstarch.


Mattify! Cosmetics Sparkling Eye Shadows Review And Swatch In Twilight Cotton Candy Iced Apricot Woodland FairyCotton Candy, Twilight, Woodland Fairy, Iced Apricot (left to right)
  • Cotton Candy: Sparkling pink with gleaming silver highlights, this fun shiny shadow reflects a glow reminiscent of carnivals and fireworks.
  • Twilight: A high pigment midnight black with subtle hints of sparkling blue. Functions beautifully as a liner or shadow.
  • Woodland Fairy: Brown shadow with beautiful gold highlights.Apply dry to play up the gorgeous gold sparkles or use with a wet liner brush to create a semi-matte brown liner.
  • Iced Apricot: An opaque peachy shimmer with flecks of silver. The perfect shadow to wake up tired eyes and highlight inner corners and lids.  

Mattify! Cosmetics Sparkling Eye Shadows Review And Swatch In Twilight Cotton Candy Iced Apricot Woodland Fairy Twilight, Woodland Fairy, Cotton Candy, Iced Apricot (left-right)

$4.99 with Free Shipping on all eye shadows worldwide!
Available at

The Good
  • These are some of the best eye shadows I have ever used.Super creamy despite being in powder form and easy to blend.
  • The shades are absolutely gorgeous.The darker shades apply matte with beautiful complimenting shimmer (gold in woodland fairy and blue in twilight).And the lighter shades are perfect for highlighting as well as to add a subtle sheen on top of other shades.
  • The swatches are bang on.Normally swatches on the website are pretty inaccurate, however Mattify has done an awesome job with the swatches.They have swatched the eye shadows both dry and wet and in some cases they have also swatched it as nail paints.The colour I got were a 100% match with the website swatches.
  • These are extremely long lasting, specially when applied wet.I suppose it's because they contain the same Kaolin Clay mixture as Mattify Original Powder which gives them a superb oil absorbing base and staying power.The lighter shades though are slightly less long lasting than their darker counterparts, but they fade away evenly without leaving too much glitter behind.
  • The powder is really finely milled and the glitter is not at all chunky, which makes it really easy to apply even with fingers.
  • The pigmentation specially for the darker shades is superb.A teeny tiny amount is all you need to apply on both the eyes.
  • Incredibly versatile.Can be used wet or dry as an eye shadow, can be used as an eyeliner, can be mixed with clear nail polish to create stunning new shades and some of the lighter shades can be mixed with clear gloss to make your very own lip gloss.I love using Woodland Fairy as an eyeliner because it gives a very intense colour and when applied wet the shimmer vanishes.Instead of mixing it with water, I mix it with a special concoction (will share later) which gives better staying power and adds a touch gleam to the eyeliner.
  • These pots are a great bargain at $4.99 (around Rs 250) since a little goes a really long way, they are great at multitasking and moreover you don't have to pay shipping.Mineral makeup could not get cheaper than this.
The Bad
  • Since they are powder based there is quite a bit of product fallout.I normally apply these before applying a base.
  • There are no matte shades available as of yet.I know these are sparkling eye shadows and I do enjoy all the glitz and glamour of shimmery shadows but I wish they would add a few matte shades to their collection.
  • A tad tricky to apply because the colour are really intense and it's easy to go overboard.
  • Only available online.
Love It Or Chuck It

Mattify! Cosmetics Sparkling Eye Shadows Review And Swatch In Twilight Cotton Candy Iced Apricot Woodland FairyTotally head over heels in Love.The shades are absolutely gorgeous, they sit tight on my oily lids easily for 4-5 hours without  creasing and these pots will last me a lifetime.There is nothing more I desire from an eye shadow.I'm most definitely going to try out other shades, my favourites being: Mystic Mermaid: a lovely iridescent teal, Midnight Train: a deep navy with silver flecks and Summer Storm: grey with silver sheen.If you love eye makeup then you should absolutely stock up on these.

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If you are as much in love with these lovelies as me then stay tuned for an amazing surprise coming soon, I know I've been hinting for a while but I promise I'll reveal the surprise soon.
Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review.Read Review Policy for more information.


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