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Favourites: Winter Bliss

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January '12 was the best winter ever and my boots will attest to the fact since I wore them almost everyday [yeah best winter translates to wearing boots all the time for me since I can't wear them otherwise].So my January favourites are the best of this winter.

1. Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Strawberry
Chapped lips are one of my worst winter woes the other being dry skin, so chap sticks are a winter must.Plus my obsession with chapsticks and lip balms of all kinds ensures that I keep hoarding them like crazy.Though I really cannot fathom why I never bought this one before.It's as good as my all time favourite chapstick: Avon Strawberry.Smells great, keeps lips well hydrated and doubles up as a cheek stain.I have the pomegranate one too and love that one as much as this one.Definitely a keeper.

2. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fatal Red
I have always been a fan of red lipsticks but never had the guts to try them out since I'm pretty fair complexioned and was afraid it might look too slutty for my taste.Fatal Red has proved me wrong.It is your regular run of the mill bright red lipstick but something in the shade just works with my complexion.It's not too blue nor too orange, just the perfect fatal red.I have been regularly trying out the Color Sensational lipsticks for the last couple of months and must say they have a fantastic wear.The colours are beautiful and the texture is long lasting despite being buttery.My other favourite shades are Hooked on Pink and My Mahogany but wore Fatal Red all through December-January, so it figures here.

3. Maybelline Colorama Nail Paint in Zarzamora
A good enough dupe for Chanel Rouge Noir, this beautiful deep burgundy is winter chic.Though the wear was pretty bad, it chipped within a couple of days.But the colour was the saving grace.Until I justify buying Rouge Noir, this one will be my goto Vampy winter shade.

4. The Body Shop Aqua Lily Body Mist
I have been obsessed with this fragrance ever since my nose first chanced on it.And lucky me always finds this range at half price.It's such a perfectly refreshing fragrance, though the body mist is not as lingering as the perfume.I'm almost finished with the bottle so it's a good thing I found the perfume in the same range at half price [yet again].Until TBS discontinues this range I'll keep coming back for more.

5. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range
I've been meaning to review the entire range but somehow the review got sidetracked but I'm definitely going to put up a detailed review soon since it deserves a standing ovation.I'm very choosy when it comes to haircare products and I have tried a number of expensive products none of which have come close to the Oil Care Range.And the only reason I tried it was because I had got a hamper from Indiblogger.Every single product in the range is amazing specially the serum.It worked wonders on my over processed highlighted hair.And you don't have to dip into your savings to buy products in this range because they are decently priced.If you're in the mood for a haircare change then this one comes highly recommended.

6. Vega Paddle Brush
I'm not a big fan of hair brushes which is why the Vega paddle brush is featured here because I just fell in love with it.The brush is big enough to get maximum hair in one go and in 3 strokes all my tangles are free.Plus it feels great on my scalp [weird huh?].I love using it while/after using a flat iron.Don't get me wrong I'm still anti hair brush (they do more harm than good), but I'll make an exception for this one.

7. Schwarzkopf Taft Hairspray (Classic)
Lately I've been ODing on hair tutorials on You Tube and I'm hooked.Never used hair spray before but now I'm spritzing like crazy.It holds a style in place pretty good, specially back combed poofed up bouffant mess [not mess really but you get the point] and keeps flyaways off your face without making hair sticky, oily or difficult to comb out later on.

8. Bourjois Ultra Care Mascara in Noir Black
I have pretty sensitive eyes and most mascaras irritate the hell out of them.I had almost stopped using mascaras and was only relying on curlers [thanks god I have a good set lashes] so when I saw this one I was tempted to give it a try.And surprisingly it worked on my sensitive eyes.No redness, irritation nothing.And just because it's meant for sensitive eyes it does not compromise on either length or volume.Great for everyday use specially if you have sensitive eyes like me.Also it's easy to remove too unlike other waterproof mascaras.

That's it for the January edition of favourites.Let me know your favourites for January.


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