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10 Genius Ways to Apply Makeup

10 Genius Ways To Apply Makeup~Beauty And The Blog

Every beauty obsessed female has a few makeup tricks & secrets down her sleeve and all I had to do to get this post going was to steal their tips. Just kidding! It’s more of sharing than stealing and in my defense I've been using the bulk of the tips for years now.

10 Genius Ways to Apply Makeup
#1 Perfect Your Pout
Avoid the dreaded lipstick on your lips and perfect the heart shaped pout with a simple trick using your middle finger. Yup you read that right. Instead of applying lipstick directly from the bullet dab a smudge of lipstick on your middle finger place it on the center of your upper lip and sweep outward to the left. Repeat towards the right. Voila the perfect way to apply lipstick to the lips and not teeth.

#2 Multitask With Lipstick
Yeah I know it’s a lip-stick but who said that a tube of lipstick can’t multitask. Blend a tiny bit of coral or peach lipstick with your regular concealer for an easy solution for dark under eye circles. The orangey red shade neutralizes the purple of the under eye and gives a brightening effect. And of course you can always double up your trust lipstick as a cream blush. It will not only be in sync with your lip colour but a single tube of lipstick will take you a long way during any makeup emergency.

#3 Smooth Lines
Usually lip liners tend to be dry and unyielding on the lips making the application uneven and flaky. So the next time you line your lips trying dipping the pencil in Vaseline before applying. The liner will glide on smoothly resulting in even and accurate application. Alternatively you can apply Vaseline on lips before application . In case of eyeliners the trick to making the tip smooth is to warm the tip between your thumb and for finger or draw on the back of your hand with a slight pressure.

10 Genius Ways to Apply Makeup

#4 The Art of Stippling
Streaky, uneven foundation bothering you? Then you gotta master the art of stippling, which is basically applying with dots instead of solid strokes. Combining stippling with patting motions will give you the most even coverage and natural finish even while applying using fingers. The stippling technique works best on cream  or liquid products including blush and highlighters.

#5 BBye Powders
No matter how light a hand you use while powdering your face it will inevitably end up making you look dull and cakey. Next time combat greasiness with a dab of mattifying gel along the T-Zone and undereye area. You can use aloe-vera gel too or mix up your very own mattifying face primer.

#6 Contour it Right
Ok the internet especially the social media is full of crazy contour advice complimented with different hued lined faces. It might work but then again who has that time when you’re running late in the morning. Instead try this quick tip. Smooth out a luminizing highlighter in a C shape starting at your temples and extending along the bone just below your eyes, in a slim line down the center of the nose, just above your cupid’s bow and the tip of your chin. Use a small amount of product to avoid looking like a shiny disco ball. And trust me you can entirely skip the bronzer and still get the contoured look.

10 Genius Ways to Apply Makeup#7 Easy Peasy Cleanup
Who hasn’t messed up one too many times their liner/lipstick/mascara and tried futily cleaning it up? Well the trick to cleaning up lies in a simple q-tip, which btw you should hoard more than anything, pretty nifty little things they are. Dip the one end of the q-tip in either makeup remover or moisturizer to remove any mistakes and using the other end dipped in foundation to tap over the area you just cleaned. No one will ever know you messed it up.

 #8 Tap Tap
Tap away to get luscious lashes minus the clump. Contrary to popular belief using long strokes of mascara aren’t actually the best way to amp up your lashes. Instead tap your mascara wand deep at the roots of the lashes working outwards to the tips. Not only is this technique easy but this way you’re creating depth making the roots dark with the ends soft and feathery.

#9 Liner For Your Lashes
Volumizing mascaras are great but the same effect can easily be achieved with any eyeliner. Using either a gel or pencil formulation, line your eyes close to the base of your eyelashes. The basic idea is to fill in the blanks between your lashes and lid which creates the illusion of extra thick and lush lashes. Once done try the Tap mascara trick and you are all set to rock your lashes.

#10 Crimp in Falsies
If your falsies always end up sticking out then this trick is for you. After applying either a full strip or individual cluster of lashes gently crimp your lashes with an eye lash curler, rocking the device back and forth while you clamp. Next apply mascara and you are done. Make sure you only curl before applying mascara, never after. I‘ve read and unseen a few horror stories about ripped eyelashes for when following this advise.
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