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Super Fast Makeup Routines For Every Scenario

Super fast makeup routines for every scenario

We women are busy creatures, and time is always of the essence. However, there are some occasions where we are even more pushed for time than usual. With this in mind, here are four scenarios you might find yourself in, and how to apply a great makeup look even when the clock is ticking.

Scenario 1: You’ve Woken Up Late For Work

We’ve all had the horrible feeling of suddenly waking up and seeing we’ve missed our alarm! Panic! If you need to get to work, finding time for your makeup just as important as showering and dressing!

When it comes to your makeup in this scenario, you just need to cover the basics. Apply your foundation. You can skip the primer for one day; use a spritz of setting spray instead, it’s quicker. Skip the bronzer too, and apply some blusher. Skip the eyelash curlers, and apply a curling mascara instead. Skip lipstick too; this takes too long to apply neatly. Dash on some lipgloss instead. Finish with a dusting of powder and you’ll be good to go in just six steps. Phew!

Scenario 2: You’ve Finished At The Gym But Are Going For Drinks

Sometimes when we finish a workout or exercise class at the gym, we are able to go home and slump in front of the TV! However, sometimes plans might mean you need to go out afterwards. It’s obvious that post-Gym makeup will go on far better if you’ve washed your face before you’ve exercised. That way, no grime or under-eye stains will have built up. 

You can then wash once more, and you’ll be good to start applying. You’ll have a natural glow for working out, so you can skip the foundation and blusher. Just use a tinted moisturizer instead. The tint will sort out any discolouration while the moisturiser will quench thirsty skin.

Scenario 3: You’re Going Straight From The Office For A Night Out
If you need to turn your look from day to night quickly, the rule is simple. Either focus your attention on your eyes or your lips. Make one of them stand out and you’ll be evening-ready.

If you decide to go with eyes, team a smoky look with some false eyelashes and a nude lip. Or, if you’re keeping your eyes plain, get creative with your lip color. Leave red for another time. Try out a bright, summery orange, or a deep purple.

Scenario 4: You’ve Got 10 Other Things You Need To Do

You’ll want a thin, liquid foundation and a buffing brush for this one. Some foundation and brush combinations you have to do in front o a mirror. However, with liquid and a buffing brush, you can do without. Sweep in circles across your face and then focus on buffing it into each of the main areas. Your forehead, your cheeks, and your chin, for example. Then work it into creases are your nose and eyes.

If this scenario occurs often, you might want to invest in a number of multi-use palettes. This means less time looking for each stand-alone product, opening and closing it, and putting it away again! So, for example, find a palette with a blusher, bronzer, and highlighter in.


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