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Dupe It Yourself: Recycle Foundation

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My love for foundation makes me keep coming up with foundation DIYs (Dupe It Yourself: Three Way With Your Foundation).And this post is very special because there have been loads of times when I ended up with a wrong foundation only to wonder what to do with it.So the next time you end up with a foundation you don't like, just recycle like me.

Here's what you can do if your foundation is:

Too Oily!!!
Convert it into a gel foundation by adding a few drops of rose water and a blob of aloe vera gel.This will dilute the foundation plus make application easier.The aloe vera gel will help absorb the foundation better too and act as a primer (Dupe It Yourself:Face Primer).

Too Thick!!!
If the consistency is too thick to work with you can try thinning it down with a few drops of mineral water or toner.Or the thick foundation will happily double up as a concealer, specially the accumulated foundation around the inner rim of the cap and bottle.

Too Dull!!!!
Depending on the formulation some foundations can look pretty flat and lifeless.Mix a  a few scrapes of a pearly peach or pink blush to instantly rev up your foundation.Alternatively you can try adding an iridescent  powder highlighter or bronzer to give your foundation that extra kick.

Too Dark!!!
Bought the wrong shade?Worry not because you can always mix it with a moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer.And if you don't want to do that you can lighten the colour a notch by mixing in loose powder or a lighter mineral foundation.Dark foundation can also be used for sculpting your cheeks and jaw line.

Too Light!!!
Use it as a subtle highlighter. Add a high SPF sunscreen to give it an extra highlighting boost. To apply, simply dab onto the high points of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, center of forehead, cupid's bow and center of chin. Great alternative to your regular highlighter since it will give a subtle effect minus the glitter and shimmer. Perfect for a day out.

So what do you do when you end up with a foundation folly?


  1. nice article sonia.....i usually folllow the last tip....many of my drugstore brands have been purchased in bad have to always mix and match

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  3. hey that is so helpful.. btw i love the idea of mixing some iridiscent powder with foundation, and the tip about mixing some powder with liquid foundation.

  4. Awesome article.. Thumbs up from me...:)

  5. @Shivani:I totally get ya.I've ended up buying the wrong shades too many times so these tips to help me out.
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