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Dupe It Yourself: Three Way With Your Foundation

Ok that sounds fishy(my exact intentions) and is actually grammatically incorrect too.Rather it should be Three Ways With Your Foundation.Blame me and my fascination with puns(which almost always turn out to be bad pj’s).Anyways coming to the post, these are not dupes per se but ways to take your foundation to the next level.

You can mix small batches and store them for later or you could mix up a fresh batch when you need.But a word of caution: Use products that your skin is familiar with and always do a patch test before using it on your face.So now that I’ve got that off my chest onto the dupes.

Dupe 1: Sweat Proof Foundation

DIY Sweat Proof FoundationSunscreen+Foundation

I would go to any lengths to get my hands on a sweat proof foundation but unfortunately that won’t be enough since there are hardly any available.I stumbled onto this dupe by chance.I hate applying tons of product in the morning so I normally mix up everything together(moisturizer,sunscreen,foundation) and use the cocktail.One day I ran out of moisturizer so I skipped it and mixed only sunscreen and foundation.And Eureka!My foundation lasted a really long time and did not transfer at all.Voila.Sweat Proof Foundation at my beck and call.

“Mix a good quality, high SPF laden, water resistant, sweat resistant, non comodegenic sunscreen with an oil free water based foundation to transform it into a sweat proof sunscreen.”

I use Ansolar Sunscreen with SPF60 along with Maybelline Wonder Finish Liquid Foundation.

Dupe 2: Illuminizing Foundation

DIY Illuminizing FoundationIlluminizing Powder(Benefit Dallas)+Foundation

Illuminzing liquids are actually foundation with any kind of sparkly powder mixed, in disguise.So it makes sense to dupe it by mixing the two yourself and saving money.Choose a highlighter, bronzer or blusher depending on what type of end product you want.Illuminizers should be applied with a lot of care unless you want to end up looking like a disco ball.

“Mix a couple of pinches of illuminizing powder or your favourite pink/peach blush with your regular foundation to concoct your own illuminizer.”

I use Color Bar Blush in Peachy Rose since it’s a mix between a highlighter and bronzer (and because I dropped it and ended up with broken/powdered chunks) along with Cover Girl Clean Makeup Foundation.

Dupe 3: Anti Acne Foundation

DIY Anti Acne FoundationAspirin+Foundation

There are a few anti acne foundations available but these are hard to come by.Hence the need for an anti acne foundation dupe.Earlier when I posted Chemical Peels At Home Part 3 : Salicylic Acid Peel, I introduced Aspirin as the magic ingredient to ward off acne since it's made up of Salicylic Acid.If you look at any anti acne medication or even foundation Salicylic Acid will always figure as the key ingredient.Which makes duping an anti acne foundation a cake walk for us.

“Crush a tablet of Aspirin and mix with a mineral powder based foundation or loose tinted powder and apply using a kabuki brush.Alternatively you could also mix liquid foundation with a crushed aspirin tablet but the salicylic acid might react to the other ingredients in the liquid foundation so it’s safer to use in a powder form ”

I use Dispirin with Lakme Rose Powder.



  1. i use your dupe1 already foundation + sunscreen bus i use oil free moisture so does my work that way :)
    i havent tried this with heavy coverage foundation i use it with a light coverage one.
    nice post

  2. nice post sonia..where u got covergirl from ?

  3. @Shreya:That's great Shreya.Since you are mixing sunscreen the coverage gets diluted so if you need more coverage, its best to add a second layer of foundation only.
    @Shalini:Thanks dear.
    @Bhumika:Thanks hun.One of my aunt got it for me from her vacation abroad.I hoard it like anything.


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