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Rules of Use : Natural Makeup

Nothing is more beautiful than natural beauty.Natural makeup is a rage all over because not only it suits most skin,complexion and face type it is suitable for all ages.It can be worn any time of the day and can be toned down for a day of shopping at the mall or worked up for a hot date.Natural look means fresh and glowing skin with highlighted features achieved without a mortal combat with makeup.So here's a breakdown of key steps to achieve the perfect natural look.

1. Clean
Obviously you will wash your face before applying makeup but instead of using your regular face wash use a scrub.Run outta scrub or wanna try something natural? Use a tablespoon of gram flour and a pinch of turmeric mixed with water and gently massage using circular motion concentrating on problem areas.Wash it off.This will help remove tan and reveal glowing skin.Next apply moisturizer while face is still wet.If you have oily skin, dab rose water using cotton instead.Have extra time on hand use your fave face pack to indulge your skin after scrubbing.Remember your face is a canvas on which you work so a squeaky clean moisturized skin will not only enhance your makeup but also help it to stay longer.

2. Camouflage
Natural look means natural glowing skin minus blemishes,spots,under eye circles and other imperfections.So treat concealer like your best friend.Use a brush or your ring finger,dot it and blend well.Don't want to invest in a concealer?Well concealer is a thicker version of your foundation.I usually fill my empty lip balm jar with my foundation and keep it in the fridge for it to thicken and use it as a concealer.Works like magic.
Shade: A tone darker than your foundation.

3. Cover
Use foundation next to even out your skin and create a base.A foundation is a must to achieve a natural look
and an essential part of your makeup arsenal, but choosing the right shade is equally important.Splurge on a good quality foundation suited to your skin type.Always test foundation on face rather than the back of your hands.After all you have to use it on your face.If you are already wearing makeup remove a patch and try,ideally try it on your forehead.
Dot foundation all over your face,neck and blend using a wet sponge.Blending is the key here.It should not look splotchy.Dust with loose powder to soak extra and set the foundation.
Shade: As close to skin tone as possible.

4. Contour
To avoid a flat face with only foundation,contour cheekbones,nose line and jawline using pressed powder and contour brush.Keep it subtle to avoid looking garish and if done right it will accentuate your features.
Shade: Beige,Tan.

5. Accentuate
Natural look focuses on features and makes them stand out so work your brows,eyes and lips.
Start with grooming your brows and tame them using clear mascara or Vaseline.
Next make your eyes look bigger by curling your lashes to death and applying 2 thin coats of mascara.Avoid black and go for brown or clear.
Line your upper lash line with a thin line of black or brown eyeliner.Smudge using a sponge tipped brush or a cotton swab.Smudging hides flawed lines and you can skip eyeshadow.
For your lips use a clear gloss or better still a fruity lip balm.Avoid anything sparkly and aim for a moist lip look.
For eyes: Black or Brown
For Lips: Nude or Clear
And voila you're done.



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