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A Chic Messy Bun

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First of all thank you so much Sonia for inviting me as your guest. I am truly honoured. I am sorry for being late but I wanted to do something interesting in this one. Didn’t want to do the usual product review, nail art or any post on skin care regime.So I came up with the idea of messy bun. I love doing messy bun because it looks stylish and hardly takes time. 

I wanted to post my picture with a messy bun but when I tried doing it I was not able to take a right pic of my hair from the back. Still as I was excited about the post I went ahead with it. I will try to be as simple as possible. So lets go ahead with it. Alright? 

Step 1 - To start with it I do my regular shampoo and conditioning routine and towel dry my hair. I generally avoid using any straightening hair gel but if it is once in a blue moon then I don’t mind and therefore I am mentioning it here. 

Step 2 -  Separate your fringes from rest of the hair. I think if you have fringes then messy look more amazing and probably this is the reason I so like them. 

Step 3 - Comb hair backwards and run your hands into the hair. 

Step 4 - Now the main trick is bending down so that all hair falls forward. The way boys in the school were asked to become a frog: D (if you remember but bend down your head and not the body: D)
Now collect all your hair and make a high pony tail. If you want a lower messy bun you can make a little low one. It is all up to you. 

Step 5 - Make the pony tail the way you do it regularly and use a elastic band to tie them up. Don’t make a tight pony tail and leave a little “poof”. This makes hair look more volumised and makes bun look messier. 

Step 6 - Stay in the bending position and fan out the hair in all direction so that it becomes a fountain.You have to hold the centre of the foundation and start rolling it down in a clockwise direction.Continue till you get a bun. 

Step 7 - Now use bob pins to secure the bun. 

Step 8 - To make it look messy run your finger through the hair so that it looks slightly loosened up from the elastic. 

messy bun 2

You can pierce a hair stick also .It looks sexy ;)..It is easy try it.

Guest Post By Anamika.
For those of who don’t know Anamika (which I think is crazier than my hair in monsoons), she has an amazing blog which deals with everything ‘she’ under the sun.She’s one of my absolute favorite bloggers and the sweetest person I have ever met virtually.



  1. i love messy up-dos, they are so casual chic!! thanx a bunch for this tutorial! <3

  2. @Anna: Me too since they are easy to do in the mornings and take absolutely no effort.
    BTW welcome to BnB!


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