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My Take: Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel


Dark circles have been my worst beauty woe for as long as I can remember.Initially I tried a lot of home remedies then resorted to products but was never fully satisfied until I found this product.And unlike other eye creams it’s not at all expensive which made me apprehensive at first.But now after a  month of use all of my apprehension is in the past tense.
Though I must add that dark circles are more or less an internal problem.External use of creams might be beneficial but a good and healthy diet goes a long way in helping you get rid of unsightly circles around the eyes.Apart from using this gel I’ve also been taking multivitamin and multimineral supplements and it has definitely made a contribution.So advice would be to treat this problem not only externally but also internally.Here’s my take on Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel.

What It Claims
"Prevent fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips.Lightens dark circles and rejuvenates tired eyes."

Rs 115 for 20gms

Directions To Use
Apply Under the eyes every day morning and night .Massage gently with finger tips.

Extracts of Bach, Rose, Flax Seed, Lemon Peel, Aloe Vera, Green Tea and pure essential oils of Witch Hazel, Chamomile and Fennel.

The Good
  • It being in gel form is the best thing about the product.It spreads easily without any tugging and does not leave the eye area oily unlike cream based under under eye solutions.
  • Although it did not make my dark circles magically disappear it did help to lighten them.But the results were only visible after a couple of weeks when used regularly.
  • Gets absorbed instantly without leaving any film of product behind.
  • It has no fragrance which means no elaborate chemicals.In this case a good thing since the product is going on your eyes.
  • It’s the cheapest eye cream (sorry gel) in the market.
  • The tube packaging is convenient and hygienic.
The Bad
  • Not sure about the reducing fine lines and wrinkles claim.Though I have neither.
  • Gels are supposed to be cooling but this one has no such attribute.I wish it had some cooling properties.
  • Has to be used regularly to get results.
Love It Or Chuck It?
Currently I’m loving the product simply because it’s the best eye cream for the price and I do not mind using it regularly especially since it does help me with my dark circles.It’s definitely better than Garnier Eye Roll On which is a giant waste of money and time.


  1. It never worked for me but I am still hopi it would. Review is kind of lying in my drafts. ugh!!

  2. @Shoppingaholic: You need to use it regularly to see effects.But then again if you have major dark circles then this might not work for you.


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