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My Take: Buy In Coins Gel Eyeliner With Brush

Buy In Coins Gel Eyeliner With Brush Review
What It Claims
  • Brand New and Never Used.
  • Waterproof Gel Eyeliner.
  • Application is easy, has the ability to design and be creative, easy to match different make-up style.
  • Lasts all day without smudging or creasing and are highly pigmented.
  • Perfect for Professional Salon, Wedding, Parties & Home use.
  • Colour: Matte Black, Shimmer. (?)
  • Net Weight: 3g / 0.1oz.
Eyeliner Brush
  • Brand New and Never Used.
  • Professional makeup eyeliner elbowed brush.
  • Elbowed brush design, easy to use.
  • Length: 16cm + 1.5cm.
  • Hair Length: 0.85cm.
Package Included:
  • 1 x Eyeliner Gel Cream Matte Black
  • 1 x Eyeliner Brush
$2.50 for a pot of gel liner + angled liner brush

Buy In Coins Gel Eyeliner With Brush Review

The Good
  • I love the consistency of the product.It glides on super smooth much better than its Maybelline counterpart which has a more denser consistency.
  • The colour is an intense black.
  • Cheap.
  • Creates a thin as well as thick line seamlessly.
  • It is waterproof and come off only using a makeup remover.
  • Can be used as a base for smoky eyes.But only if you use a teeny tiny amount or you’ll end up looking like a Panda.
The Bad
  • Where do I begin, they have bragged loads in their claims but unfortunately  most are just tall tales.Firstly and most importantly it does irritate my eyes.Not much when compared to a regular liquid liner but still it does claim to be safe for the eyes.
  • Cannot be used on the waterline or the tightline.It will sting your eyes and wash off within a few minutes.
  • Takes a while to dry up, so if you accidentally blink you’ll end up messing the application.
  • Though the texture is easy to line your eyes, after an hour or so the product collects near the corner of your eyes.And if you touch it the whole goo spreads all over your face.
  • Not smudge proof.Maybe it’s because the formula is a little runny.
  • No shimmer as claimed by the website.In fact it’s weird that they use the terms matte and shimmer together.
  • And if you are wondering why didn't I mention anything good about the brush then let me tell ya there's nothing good about it(the reason I haven't bothered posting pics of the brush).It’s basically an improvised paint brush.The bristles are flimsy and the metallic cap is loose and comes off, every opportunity it gets.
  • Although Buy In Coins offers a great bargain with free shipping they have horrible customer service and delivery system.I got my package a month later. 

      Buy In Coins Gel Eyeliner With Brush Review  With Flash

      Buy In Coins Gel Eyeliner With Brush Review   Without Flash

      Love It Or Chuck It
      My first though after using it was that it ain’t that bad.It’s decently priced and is so easy to spread and blend.But that changed pretty soon.I still use it sometimes to line upper lashline but only when I know I'll be home in a couple of hours.I’m glad I spend only 100 bucks for it.Chuck It.

      Buy In Coins Gel Eyeliner With Brush Review


      1. thanks for the review.i was planning to get something from the site. now i am not so sure.

      2. Hey Sonia, nice post, even i have issues with my maybelline gel liner but its good for smudging and creating smokey eyes.

      3. Love maybelline & mac gel eyeliners <3

      4. @ Beauty Diva: Thanks
        @ Anju: You try ordering the eye palette I've heard good things about it.
        @ Soft, Sweet and Gentle: After using this I'm loving Maybelline even more.
        @ Aarthi: Sadly Chuck it
        @ Rakhshanda: Never tried Fluidline but dying it to

      5. Oh thats really sad.. :| when I read.. applies better than its maybelline counterpart, cause its not as dense, I was like wow MAC quality! but its just sad that it irritates your eyes and smugges. sounds like kajal only. smudges and water proof. and shimmery-matte, LMAO. O and I know you are like the DIY queen, :D and a trustworthy one at that.. do you store your gel liner upside down? cause apparantly it wont dry up as fast when stored upside down.. I dint get the logic though.. And you have coral crepe!?! :O I want!~:| is it LE?

      6. Hey Ikky it looks good at first glance but does not live upto expectations.Keeping the pot upside down sounds crazy.You should sccop out a little and store it in a separate container and keep refilling when ever you run out.That's what I do.And yup I do have the coral crepe.Trust me it's every thing you've imagined and some more :) Let me know when you buy it.

      7. products of buyincoins are of cheap quality and it is always better to use their tools rather than brushes..i got their makeup brush set for Rs500 and all the brushes had MAC graved on it..:|

      8. Yeah Anamika I guessed as much.The free shipping and the low prices actually got to me

      9. nice review sonia...but I do like my 120 palette though :)
        n as it is u cannot expect that qlty at the price..its kinda nice to experiment..

      10. Heard good things about the palette Bhumika, I might just be tempted to order one for my self ;)

      11. hey i am using this gel eye liner..but it dint caused any stinging..i tried even in water line recently..then also no problem..Also it is acting totally smudge proof for me even after about 8-10 hrs..They accidently send me good bottle or what?i dont know

      12. @TGL:That's strange.Maybe I got a defective one.Can't really say with these fake brands.But it's great that it worked for you.

      13. Buy it at with 15% sale from first order !

        At checkout type Coupon Code "10%Ebay110" and as Recommender "logical" and you will save your money ;-)

      14. Actual buyincoins coupon codes you can find at


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