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My Take: Lotus AloeSoft Daily Body Lotion

Lotus AloeSoft Daily Body Lotion Review

What It Claims
AloeSoft body lotion is a non-greasy formulation enriched with Aloe Vera and Cucumber extracts that not only moisturises but makes skin feel refreshed and comfortable(?).It is enriched with Aloe Vera that soothes dry skin while Cucumber has a cooling effect.

Rs 225 for 300 ml

Lotus AloeSoft Daily Body Lotion Review

Directions For Use
Apply liberally all over the body, ideally after a shower or a bath on damp skin for best skin softening, sealing in the moisture.

Key Ingredients
Cucumber extract, Aloe Vera extract, Milk enzymes, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane  and Titanium Dioxide.

The Good
  • It lives up to its claim of being moisturizing and soothing.
  • The Pump dispenser is a blessing in disguise since you can control how much product you want.
  • It smells like a yummy cucumber sandwich which really jumpstarts my day.
  • The price is great for the given quantity.
  • Since the lotion is quite thick you need a tiny amount.
Lotus AloeSoft Daily Body Lotion Review

The Bad
  • I found the consistency pretty thick and difficult to spread.
  • Although it is non greasy, it still weighs a little heavy and sticky on the skin, specially as the humid season is around the corner.
  • SPF 20 is not adequate sun protection, specially since it does not offer any UVA protection.
  • No cooling or refreshed effects.
  • It smells simply fab but unfortunately, it does not last beyond a couple of minutes.

Love It Or Chuck It
It seems like I’ve been hunting and hunting for the perfect body lotion.And what is my definition of a perfect body lotion? Well it should smell delicious, should offer adequate sun protection and should be moisturizing enough but at the same time not be sticky.On the outset this one seemed to be defined within my parameters but after using it for a couple of days, much was left to be desired.So my hunt for the perfect body lotion continues.Chuck It.


  1. Try Himalaya Body's a love it for me!!

  2. HEy Sonia I was just about to give Lotus's body lotion a try but now I think that dropping the idea would be a better option :D ... Though the combination sounds amazing

  3. use the jergen's body lotion. i use the ultra healing one. its amazing!

  4. Sonia..u have dry skin..? I use vaseline total moisture and mix a tiny amount of aloevera gel in well.I always love body lotions, face creams, lip balms with strawberry fragrance..Do visit my blog sweetie..I have a sigma giveaway coming up..

  5. I think this will work for my dry moisture starved skin :) Nice review Sonia.

  6. @Shalini the combination is actually amazing.If only it had'nt been so greasy.
    @Anju Will hunt for the jergen's one.Any idea where I'll find it?
    @Prachi great tip.Will try it out.
    @Uzma Thanks :)

  7. Sonia, try the colorbar radiant glow highlighter pen if you are looking for highlighters. Does a good job for the price..only the pen thingie is annoying..


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