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The Grand Giveaway Week At Beauty And The Blog

The giveaway scene at BnB has been pretty glum since the last giveaway.So to fill up the void I have for you not one not two but three awesome giveaways planned.And to keep things interesting everyday I'll share juicy titbits on facebook and twitter until the giveaways are revealed.

And that's not all, you can get the latest dope on the grand giveaway week and score bonus points even before the giveaways start at by filling up the form below. (closed)

The fun begins from September 19th, 2011 here at Beauty And The Blog.Be there or be square!

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Update: Giveaways have begun, here are the links:

Giveaway O'One:

Sigma F45 Buffer Brush

Giveaway O'Two:

Gift Vouchers From

Giveaway O'Three:

The EyeDeal Shade Contest: Win Makeup From Mattify Cosmetics



  1. please dont make Fb or twitter acc. points compulsory i dont have one :(

  2. @Shreya:I'll try but since these giveaways are sponsored some might have them as compulsory points.Why don't you create a facebook account?

  3. I dont lk Social networking sites that is why :( anyways no probs all the best for your giveaway. :)

  4. @Shreya:I understand.
    @Gift Princess:Awesome!
    @Daya:Yeah it will be :)


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