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Fashion Essentials: What To Wear On Your First Date

There is a lot of pressure to dress well for a first date; after all you only get one first impression! Picking out an outfit for your first date is especially difficult when you are not sure what your date is wearing. Overdressing can lead to an awkward, or even uncomfortable, start to your date. However, you certainly don’t want to under dress. Luckily for you, we have you covered with some tips for an appropriate outfit. Below is an example of what you should wear for the most common type of first date: dinner followed by a movie.

What To Wear On Your First Date
Layering is a popular fashion trend this year, and we make sure to incorporate it into almost every outfit. A simple top or blouse with a blazer is stylish and doesn't require much effort. If the restaurant or movie theater is cold, you will have an extra layer for warmth. On the other hand, you can take off your blazer and still look stylish if either of the venues is warm. All you need is a simple pair of jeans to wear with the outfit to complete this effortless, yet casual look. Since its winter, a nice pair of boots will go great with this outfit; however you can opt for a pair of regular heels as well.

It’s important not to forget the accessories; they truly complete an outfit. A simple clutch should hold everything you need for evening and is a great accompaniment to the outfit. A pair of stylish sunglasses goes well with any outfit; just make sure to take them off indoors. Dressing for a first date is really this easy! This simple, yet casual look encompasses the latest trends to show your date you’re stylish while looking great!

Guest Post By Adam Bruk.
Adam enjoys helping customers find the perfect sunglasses for any date. He is also a writer for the Sunglass Warehouse blog where he posts about the latest fashion and celebrity news.


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