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Launch Pad: Mojo Magpro-Professional Magnetic Brush Set

Mojo Magpro Professional Magnetic Brush Set
Mojo Design has taken the guesswork out of makeup application with a brush set that turns every woman or man into a makeup artist. We wanted to create a brush set suitable for every woman and every application.  We chose brushes that we consistently used time and again in our many photo shoots and made them better.
  Mojo Magpro Professional Magnetic Brush Set
When combined with our perfectly balanced laser etched aircraft alloy stems with dual neodymium magnetic ends, these brushes become the tools of master artists. The dual ended magnetic stems have interchangeable brush heads to customize workflow.  All heads and stems are premium grade and the leather is super supple.The stems and heads can be combined in a manner that is most conducive to your makeup application. Whether you are a fan of liquid or mineral foundations, cream or powder shadows/blushes, bronzers etc., we have a brush for you.

The Mojo Magpro brush set contains angled blush brush, foundation brush, contour brush, 3 eye shadow brushes and a kabuki/powder brush.

Mojo Magpro Professional Magnetic Brush Set Key Features
  • Red soft leather with magnetic closure and double stitching
  • Large magnetic mirror can be removed and used as a mixing palette or hand mirror
  • Magnetic docking stations for the kit’s brush heads and black sleeves to secure the dual headed stems
  • Laser etched aircraft alloy dual ended polished magnetic stem and high polished magnetic brush heads 
The Mojo Magpro, customizable brush set is a must have in every woman’s makeup bag and only the beginning of a long line of revolutionary new Mojo products to come.
Mojo Magpro is currently awaiting patent and costs $365, but you you can preorder it for $150 at



  1. That is an interesting concept! I wonder how good the actual brush heads are???

  2. OMG...This looks amazing, so Pro.

    I am gonna check out this site now. :) Thanks you so much S.

  3. @Beautyholic:Hmm, guess we'll have to wait and watch.
    @Vertu:It's meant for professional mua as well as mu bumpkins like us.
    @Shruti:It is :)

  4. wow,,innovation at its best,, :) :)

  5. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback. It's going to be amazing, I promise you. (we've been speaking with some terrific companies about the brushes themselves as well) We've launched lots of products before for sephora, ultraflesh, lipfusion, and our own brands. We do it right here. Please spread the word and help make this a reality via kickstarter. Sonia, thanks again!

  6. @Namita:You bet!
    @Jamion: My pleasure.Hope we get to see the brushes soon!


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