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Hairstyle Trends for 2012

It may be a bit too early in the year to say for sure which haircut styles will emerge as the most popular of 2012, but even in these first few months there have been a few key elements that are showing up all over the place. As common themes usually form the basis of the year's top trends, these early examples of what women are doing to their hair may be an indication of where the year in hairstyles is headed. If you are already thinking about changing your hair for the new year, it may be time to start paying attention to these elements and how you can use them in your search for the perfect hairstyle.

Hairstyle Trends For 2012 Wet Roots Dry Ends
Coming from the fashion world, one clear theme that is being found across the board is a combination of slick and dry textures. Many different designers, including Ellie Saab and Giambattista Valli featured this contrast extensively in the release of their Spring 2012 collections. Most examples have the glistening part of the style on the top of the head, with the hair commonly brushed back away from the face. As the hair moves further down the head and to the shoulders, the natural soft texture is allowed to show, with no wetness at the ends. This interesting way for a woman to wear her hair is quickly moving off the runways and showing up on the streets.

Hairstyle Trends For 2012 Ombre
At the end of last year, it looked like Ombre hair colouring was coming into fashion and this technique has hit the fast lane, showing up on celebrities like Jessica Biel as well as many women that have found that the recently popular technique brings a new dimension to their hair. Essentially, an Ombre hair colouring means that the hair is dyed in a gradient manner, with a darker root that eventually turns to a lighter colour at the end of the hair. The most common way that women are using the Ombre technique is with longer hair to give it a stronger appearance with only the bare minimum of maintenance.

Hairstyle Trends For 2012 Bangs
Yet another element that is part of many 2012 hairstyles is bangs. Banished to fashion limbo for several years, big bangs are once again returning to the spotlight, but in a more tame and subdued way. Instead of heavily hair sprayed bangs that look as hard and sharp as a knife, many women are deciding to show natural bangs that give a soft appearance rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. These bangs are being combined with many different haircuts and are sure to be part of the most successful hairstyles of the year.

The year 2012 may have just begun, but the underlying trends for hair fashion are already being put in place, from colouring and styling techniques to the welcome reappearance of bangs. Any woman that wants to be in style this year should think about bringing one or more of these elements into play during their next salon visit.

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