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Dupe It Yourself: Sea Salt Spray For Beach Curls

diy sea salt spray for beach curls
Curls never go out of fashion and after an year and a half of rebonded hair glory it feels great to have my curls back.There are a variety of products for curly hair in the market but nothing beats the homemade sea salt spray to get those beachy curls/waves (whatever you prefer) going.The recipe is simple not to mention costs peanuts compared to expensive hair styling products.

Hunt And Collect:

diy sea salt spray for beach curls
  • 50 ml distilled or filtered hot water
  • 1 tsp fine sea salt (you can add more if your hair is oily)
  • a few drops of your favourite essential oil to make the concoction smell great
  • 1/2 tsp conditioner to balance out the harshness and dryness caused by the salt
  • a clean spray bottle with a fine nozzle

Get To Work:

  • Thoroughly mix conditioner, salt and essential oil in a bowl.
  • Add hot water onto the above mixture one spoon at a time and whisk the mixture till you've used up all the water.
  • Let the mixture cool down to room temperature and pour in a spray bottle.
And that's about it.To use spritz the sea salt spray on damp hair, scrunching hair with your fingers and letting it air dry. Since most hair has some sort of natural wave, the sea salt will naturally enhance it.Alternatively instead of scrunching your hair you could twist it into a rope braid and let it dry for bouncier curls.You could try The Lazy Girl's Guide To Fabulous Hair for more ideas.

The mixture will last a good week without any refrigeration.The oil and conditioner will never full combine with the water so make sure to give the bottle a good shake before using.You can experiment with the amount of salt depending upon your hair texture and the kind of curls you want.For crisper curls increase the amount of salt..

So come summers ditch the hot curlers and wands and spritz your way to fabulous curls.
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