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10 Bobby Pin Hair Hacks to Master

Bobby Pin Hair Hacks
1. Prevent bobby pins from slipping through the hair by flipping the pin over so that the wavy side is against your hair.

2. Amp up any hairstyle using the exposed bobby pin trend and get creative with designs. Use either a triangle, chevron or hashtag pattern to add fun to boring hair.

10 Bobby Pin Hair Hacks to Master
3. Make your ponytail perkier by sliding a couple of bobby pins halfway inside the elastic and facing downward toward the crown of your head, fluff and flip over for a fuller looking ponytail that won't sag.

4. To make your braid look more organic & chic, tie the ends of the braid into a knot and then slide a bobby pin upwards into the knot to secure it.

5. Always wanted long lasting curls. Easy peasy. After curling a section of hair, roll up the section into a flat coil and pin against your head using a couple of bobby pins crossed over. Once all the sections have been pinned wait for them to cool before spraying them with hairspray and removing the pins for curls that are guaranteed to last.

6. To ensure that your pins stay put all day spray them with either hair spray or dry shampoo before using them to give them more grip.

7. Give yourself a faux bob without sacrificing your hair. Curl the ends of your hair and then tuck the ends under and pin them into place.

8. Fix useless stretched out bobby pins by pressing the closed ends between a pair of pliers. Once done they will be good as new

9. DIY your very own custom set of bobby pins using nail polish. Glitter, ombre or just solid colours, the possibilities are endless (Inspiring ideas here and here.)

10. Empty Tic-Tac containers make an excellent storage for all your wayward pins. Easy to carry, easy to store.

Any other bobby pin trick up your sleeve? Comment and let us know!

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