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Stye Diary: Tips for a Perfect Outfit, Every Time

Stye Diary: Tips for a Perfect Outfit, Every Time

Do you ever feel like there’s something missing from your outfit when you dress? This is the guide for you! These tips will help you to create the perfect outfit every time you get dressed so you can feel confident in what you’re wearing.

Make Sure It’s Balanced

The perfect outfit is always well balanced. This isn’t that hard to do, you just basically have to avoid ‘splitting yourself down the middle’. So this means you want to stay away from things like tops that finish at your hips and jeans that finish the same place. Instead, you want to go for long tops and tights/leggings, high waisted items and crop tops, things like that. This is called the rule of thirds and is a much more flattering way to put your outfits together. It makes them look more interesting too!

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable

Whatever you wear, you must feel comfortable. Don’t listen to anybody else, not even the media. If something is supposedly ‘in’ but you don’t feel comfortable in it, then don’t wear it. It might look like a great outfit to other people, but if you feel uncomfortable in it the outfit won’t look nearly as good. You’re so much better off going for an outfit you feel amazing in.

Consider the Occasion

When getting dressed, you’re going to want to consider the occasion you’re dressing for. Is it a wedding? A meal? Or are you just going out and seeing what happens that day? Try to buy things you can dress up or down so you don’t have to worry!

Never Forget to Accessorize

Accessorizing is really important if you want to make the most of your outfit. Make sure you fill in the gaps of your outfit and do it in a way that looks nice and balanced. You might need a necklace, some bracelets, or rings to pull the outfit together. The great thing about accessorizing is that you can really have fun with it.

Know How to Mix Pattern and Colour

Mixing pattern and colour can help you to create a really fun outfit. This can take practice, but it shouldn’t take you long to pick it up. Mixing patterns is fairly easy if you stick to the same sort of colours or styles.

Pay Attention to the Fine Details

Paying attention to the fine details of your outfit will make all the difference. Things like the colour of your nails, your handbag, and even your hair styles can all make your outfit look better. Really have fun with your look and develop an eye for detail while you’re at it.

The main thing that makes your outfits perfect is the fact that you like them and feel comfortable and confident in them. As long as you do, then it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks! If you have tips that help you to put your outfits together, leave them below.

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