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My Take: Ponds White Beauty Face Wash

Ponds White Beauty Face Wash

We females are any given day on an eternal search for an HG product,that fulfills all our needs and more.Most of us find it and most of us keep looking.I found my HG face wash in Pond’s White Beauty.It’s just perfect in every way imaginable and though it fulfills all my prerequisites for an HG face wash,I’m sure you’ll love it too.
A face wash is something that is used everyday usually more than once.Some of us have our favourites some of us make do with what we have.I’ve tried nearly everything under the sun and hated each one of them.Reason being the weird creamy/oily residue left behind after you rinse it off.When I wash my face I like it to be squeaky clean,but not too dry and definitely without any lingering feeling of product on my skin.Since this one is marketed as a fairness face wash,I never thought of buying it(I’m a totally  anti fairness products).But you know how pushy the sales assistants can get.I bought it the first time to oblige a really sweet one and ever since there has been no looking back.So I’ll stop with the banter and get on with the review.

What It Claims:
“Daily Spotless Lightening facial foam cleanses deeply for glowing and brighter skin.This gentle foam deeply cleanses and brightens skin,transforming your complexion to a radiant look you’ve always wanted.The foam’s unique formula reduces dullness and brightens skin while washing away old and weary sallow skin cells.Skin feels soft,smooth and sparkling clean.”

Rs 105 for 100 gm and Rs 60 for 50 gm  

Wet your face,apply to neck and face and gently massage.Rinse off.

Ponds White Beauty Face Wash

The Good:
  • It cleans your face like nothing ever does.After a day of dirt grime and pollution,this is the only thing that makes my face squeaky clean.
  • Since it has a foaming formula you need less than a pea sized amount for your entire face.It lathers well and spreads easily.
  • It does not dry out your face which makes it perfect for use in summers as well as winters for me.Although I do follow it up with a moisturizer in the winters.
  • It helps in removing tan.Yup.It does not do so overnight but use it a couple of weeks and you’ll notice the difference,so in a way it does help you fair up.
  • It’s dirt cheap.I say so because for a product that practically gives me everything I’ve asked for in a face wash I would pay anything.The 100 gm tube easily lasts me an entire 6 months which makes it pretty economical.
  • It does brighten up your complexion,but you will only be able to notice that if you use it for a couple of weeks at least.

The Bad:
  • It might not suit people with extremely dry skin but then again foaming cleansers are not meant for extremely dry skin.
  • It claims to lighten spots which I’m not very sure about.

Love It Or Chuck It?
Love it a billion,zillion,trillion.Works like magic to clean your face and does what a face wash is supposed to do.

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