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My Take: Avon Glimmersticks Eye Liner

Avon Glimmersticks Review

This was the first thing that I bought the moment I became an Avon rep.And throughout the year I’ve added a couple more to my collection.I have used the Lakme Nine To Five retractable eye liner and both of them are good but this one is a lot cheaper and has lasted longer than the Lakme one which finished up in a month flat.

What It Claims
“ Vitamin enriched formula provides smooth and even application.Waterproof and self-sharpening ”

Avon Glimmersticks Review

Rs 229 for 0.28g 

  • Cosmic Brown
  • Bronze Glow
  • Blackest Black
  • Starry Night Blue
  • Majestic Plum
  • Saturn Grey
  • Emerald

    Avon Glimmersticks Review 

    Swatched No Flash And With Flash (left-right) Majestic Plum,Starry Night Blue, Saturn Grey

    The Good
    • It’s the best thing ever for the waterline.I normally use it all over my waterline and bam that’s it.It does not smudge or budge until I say so.Which for me is everything since nothing else stays on my waterline.
    • It’s pretty damn lasting.Whether its on the waterline or lash line.In fact it stays put even after I wash my face.
    • From the above you might have gauged at its waterproof claims.If not then yeah its waterproof ;)
    • Despite being waterproof removing it is really easy using cotton and cleanser.Though it takes extra efforts to come off the waterline.
    • The colours are super intense.
    • Its retractable.Translation, a cake walk to apply in the morning.
    • A selection of fab shades.Covers almost all the basic shades.
    • For an eyeliner of such amazing prowess the price is a bargain.And to top it off it’s on sale most of the time.
    • It has a shade marker at the bottom of the pencil which makes identifying the shade really easy.

      Avon Glimmersticks Review

        Avon Glimmersticks Review
                  Wiped dry and with water(pretty vigorously too)

        The Bad
        • The pencil does not glide on easily when applying on the lash lines.
        • Retractable packaging makes it prone to breakage.
        • Since the pencil is not sharpened regularly it might be unhygienic but that’s a dilemma with any retractable pencil.
        • Available only through Avon reps.

        Love It Or Chuck It
        Love love love it.It’s my go to eye liner when I’m in a hurry and need to line my waterline.Avon has launched more of these glimmersticks with shimmer: Glimmersticks Diamond Eye Liner which is next on my hit list.

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