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Style Diary: Geeky Spectacles

Warby Parker
Geeky is in.Who would have ever thought that sporting spectacles would become a fashion statement.But that’s exactly what has happened to the fashion scene.And I’m happy cause I sport one and now I have an excuse.Fashion.But no ordinary specky’s would do.If you have to sport the geeky for fashion’s sake sport it in style: designer frames.All shapes, sizes and colours.So here are some tips on how to carry off the geeky look combined with the geekiest of accessories:spectacles of course.

Frame  Wisely
Glasses come in all kinds of frames.Choose one which not only suits your personality but makes you feel comfortable.Oversized frames might look good on Scarlett Johansson but look what happens when Britney decides to wear them.Disaster (and lets not go anywhere near that dress).

scarlett johansson


Leave The Drama To The Drama Queens
Geeks don’t dramatize.So no loud accessories and definitely no bling.Keep it as simple as possible.The only drama you need to add is a pair of glasses.Use bold frames in bright shades or simple rimless ones would be just fine.Case in point Kate Beckinsale.And keep the makeup to a minimum too.

kate beckinsale


Dressing It Down
Compliment  your specky look with loose casual clothes.It gives a more relaxed look and adds to the geekiness.I love how Ashley Olsen compliments her pair with this casual toned down look.And the Birkin helps obviously.

 ashley olsen

The Simple Hair
Like the rest of the look the hair should also be kept simple.Straight mane and geeky glasses totally rock.But you can always tie up your hair too.Megan Fox looks effortless with her hair back and minimal makeup and so does Jennifer Aniston with her trademark straight hair.




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