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My Take: The Brush Guard Variety Pack

Review The Brush Guard

What It Claims
  • The Brush Guard is an entirely new product that keeps your makeup brushes like new!
  • The Brush Guard makes cleaning brushes easy and keeps them in perfect shape which extends the life of your brushes and protects your skin from breakouts.
  • The Brush Guard is a flexible, breathable sheath that slips over a brush’s handle and over the bristles to give makeup brushes the best possible protection.
  • Only The Brush Guard allows brushes to dry bristle-down so water can’t damage the ferrule. The brush dries in perfect shape and lasts longer!
  • With The Brush Guard in place, makeup brushes can go anywhere safely.

$5.50 (plus shipping ) for a variety pack containing 1 Extra Small, 2 Small, 2 Medium, 1 Large

Review The Brush Guard

Directions For Use
Slip The Brush Guard over your brush‘s handle until it extends 1/4 th inch beyond the bristles.Select a size with a snug fit which will not slip .Now store the brush on in your kit or roll.After washing blot brush and slip on The Brush Guard with bristles down in a cup or jar with great shaping.Never slide from bristle to handle.

The Good
  • The variety pack contains guards for all your basic brushes.
  • It is great for storing your brushes and while travelling.
  • It’s a stretchable and breathable tube unlike the plastic guards that come with brushes so your brushes will maintain their shape while being able to breathe at the same time(and by breathe I mean there won’t be any germ/bacteria infestation).

Review The Brush Guard
  •  It is great for drying brushes after washing since the guard will ensure the brushes dry without losing shape(I will do a tut later demonstrating how to clean brushes) and you can dry your brushes upside down to prevent water diluting the brush bristles.
  • These are very flexible as as is apparent from the images.

    Review The Brush Guard

    Review The Brush Guard 
    • While these are flexible they are strong at the same time too and will not wear off easily.
    • Easy to wash and maintain.
    • Increases the life of your brushes.
    • A snug fit for all my brushes.These were not at all loose and never once did it slip off any brush.
    Review The Brush Guard
    • They don’t lose their shape even when you try putting it over an extra large brush.Take it off and it will resume its shape.
    • Extremely cost effective.Normally a good set of 7 brushes will cost you Rs 500+ and cleaning it using conventional methods these will last about a year.The Brush Guard will double/triple the life of your brushes so in the long run $5.50 (around Rs 300) is a bargain.
    • The Brush Guard is shipped worldwide so you can easily buy it from any corner of the world and the shipping is really fast.I got my package within a week.
    The Bad
    There is absolutely nothing bad about The Brush Guard.I know every review should at least mention one con.But I racked my brain and came up with zilch.It increases the life of your brushes, makes cleaning and storing easy and last a lifetime.Basically meeting each and every one of it’s claims.It is only available online though so that could count as a con.

    Love It Or Chuck It 

    Review The Brush Guard

    Love It.It is a godsend for your brushes.The ultimate pampering that they need.This inexpensive and ingenious invention can triple the life of your makeup brushes.And the best part is that these are reusable and a pack will last you forever.Which means come rain or shine you brushes will always be happy and healthy.Kudos to the inventors for coming up with such an innovative invention. If you love your brushes then you should definitely invest in The Brush Guard.
    Check their website for more details on this amazing product.
    Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review.Read Review Policy for more information.


    1. dey are very gud na to keep brushes in like..

    2. These are a excellent to keep brushes in shape while drying.

    3. Nice! I'm super finicky about my brushes! Seems like this product was made for me :)


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