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My Take: Makari Clarifying Soap

Makari Clarifying Soap Review  
What It Claims
An exfoliating soap for face and body. Designed to effectively cleanse, brighten, and even tone the skin while providing resurfacing benefits. Thanks to its natural properties, this triple action soap is designed to effectively brighten, cleanse and even tone the skin while providing resurfacing benefits. Gentle enough to use daily, this unique formula has ingredients designed to lighten and protect the skin with topical anti-oxidants as it helps condition the skin and retain its moisture level. The soap offers an ideal treatment to prepare the skin for the enhanced effectiveness of the entire range of Makari de Suisse Skin Clarifying products.
Suitable for all skin types. Use daily in the bath or shower. For maximum effect of the soaps whitening properties please keep lather on for at least 5 minutes.

Rs 800

Makari Clarifying Soap Review
The Good
  • It lathers up really well and gives you loads of sud(as expected from any soap).
  • Has an awesome smell.It kicks your senses into action specially in the morning.
  • Normally I don’t use soap on my face but I braved this one in the name of product testing and surprisingly it did not dry out my face(currently combination with very dry cheeks).
  • I’m already fair so I cannot really corroborate on it’s whitening properties but it did brighten up my face immediately after using.
  • Since it lathers up so well, the soap has a pretty good life and will last a while.
  • It does not become a gooey mess when used for a while unlike other moisturizing soaps and retains shape.
The Bad
  • The scrubbing particles are very scratchy when you use the soap directly on skin.It actually gave me a rash on my upper arm.Since then I lather up the soap in my hands and apply the foam.
  • Despite being an exfoliating soap the scrubbing particles are few and far in between.You will get an exfoliating action if you use it directly on the skin but in that case you will end up scratching your skin badly.So the entire purpose of exfoliating has been defeated.
  • Expensive for a soap.
Love It Or Chuck It

Makari Clarifying Soap Review
I do love it for it’s sweet smell and cleansing properties but honestly I would never spend 800 bucks on a soap specially one that scratches the hell out of me.Yup when lathered up separately and used it works great and in fact did brighten up my skin tone, but I prefer using the bar on it’s own.A little more scrubbing action with less severe scrubbing particles and this product would have been on my fave list.
Disclaimer: Product sent by PR for review.Read Review Policy for more information.


  1. I have reading reviews of this a lot recently, it sounds nice, but it is too expensive.. I wld rather get a Lush prdt in that price :P

  2. It's really hard & makes my skin dry...but great review:D

  3. @Rakshanda:Although it did not overly dry out my skin it definitely proved harsh for my skin.
    @Tanveer:I have no access to Lush but I've heard a lot about it.and yeah the price is pretty steep.

  4. Sonia...I dont use it directly on skin and works skin never feels dry fter uing this..

  5. Yeah when lathered up and then used it works great just wish it could be used directly.But I'm glad it works for you.


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