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Style Diary: Fringe And The Face

Fringes have been in style since time immemorial(a bit of an exaggeration I know but I do like the sound of it).The fad travels a sine wave and fortunately for most of us it’s back on the scene.Why fortunately you may ask? Well fringes are the perfect way of experimenting with your hair style without meddling with your hair length.Though the key to getting gorgeous bangs lies in your face cut.And if I have lost you in the translation, here I have the whole thing sorted out.  

The Face:  Square
Wide forehead and prominent jaw line.

Square Face 
The Fringe: Curtain
A long fringe style that can be centre parted to swish down each side of your face. Heavy side swept bangs will add softness to a defined facial structure. 

Anne Hathaway, Kim Cattrall, Mandy Moore Fringe Bangs Hairstyle Square FaceAnne Hathaway, Kim Cattrall, Mandy Moore

The Face: Round
Full Face with chubby cheeks and rounded chin.

Round Face
The Fringe: Angular
Angular bangs with gentle layers will work miracles to minimize the fullness of a round face, and highlight your eyes.Avoid the blunt fringe like plague since it will add to the fullness of the face.
 Kristen Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Hudson Bangs Fringe Hairstyle Round Face Kirsten Dunst, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Hudson,

The Face: Oval
A face to die for with all its even proportions in glory.

Oval Face
The Fringe: Practically Any Kinda Fringe
Oval faces are the most versatile, especially when it comes to fringes. Oval faces are blessed with even length and width so a blunt fringe looks as good as a wispy asymmetrical fringe.
    Jessica Alba, Ashley Tisdale, Kelly Rowland Bangs Fringe Hairstyle Oval Face   Jessica Alba, Ashley Tisdale, Kelly Rowland

The Face: Heart
Wide cheeks  and pointed chin.

Heart Face
The Fringe: Claws
A long fringe, with little claws adds volume to your face.It takes the blunt fringe one step further.Best way to wear the claws is to unevenly part these feathered bangs, so they are lightly scattered across your forehead. 
Reese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria Fringe Bangs Hairstyle Heart FaceReese Witherspoon, Katie Holmes, Eva Longoria

So which fringe will you sport this summer?


  1. Nice Write up Sonia, I come under the category Round face :)

  2. Thanks Uzma :)
    Me too and I actually tried all four kinds only to try the angular fringe that suits me face.

  3. mine is heart cum oval :p
    loved d post :)

  4. Bhumika in that case you have the perfect face cut :)

  5. I have round face..nice post..

  6. great post! love the amount of detail there is! bangs are so cute, when done right

  7. @FashionPhD:Yup bangs are a great way to jazz up your hair without.

  8. I have a round face and I really want a side fringe will it suit me? xx

  9. @Anonymous:I have a pretty round face too and the only fringe style that suits me is the side swept one.It hides my wide forehead and gives structure to my face.Try clipping your hair in a side fringe before getting it cut to get a fair idea of how it'll look.

  10. Love that you've used the word 'fringe' instead of the awful word 'bangs' which has overtly sexual and negative connotations in some English-speaking countries.

    This is a great article promoting the fringe. I stood back and watched girls everywhere lose their fringes in the mid-90s. There were so many girls who didn't suit being fringeless! Made me want to march them down to the hairdressers and shout: GET a finge!!

  11. @AJ: LOL! since I have a wide forehead fringes have proved to be a blessing.And you are absolutely right some girls just don't suit being fringeless.Thanks for dropping by.


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