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My Take: Jordana Blush in Sandalwood

Jordana Blush in Sandalwood Review And Swatch
What It Claims
  • Colour-True Tints for Cheeks
  • Face Looks Youthful & Refreshed
  • Accentuates, Sculpts & Contours
  • Velvety-Smooth Formula Blends Easily
   Jordana Blush in Sandalwood Review And Swatch 
$2.49 for 2.2gm @ Cherry Culture

The Colour
Sandalwood id a beautiful matte powdery pink that looks very natural when applied.

The Good
  • It's the perfect shade for my complexion(medium-fair).I'm happy I picked up Sandalwood specially since I didn't physically swatch it.But Sandalwood had a lot of good reviews and my hunch paid off.
  • It's matte with absolutely no glitter or shimmer which works perfectly for day.
  • The price is pretty economical.
  • The colour pay off is good.You don't need oodles of product in order to show up on the cheeks.A couple of swirls is enough to get those flushed cheeks if you are fair complexioned.  
  • The powder is very fine, very similar in texture to pressed powder so it blends really easily(as claimed).
  • The packaging is simple, no fuss with a screw top lid.
  • This blush is great for newbie's who neither want to spend a lot on blushes nor have the expertise to apply one.It's easy to apply and because of the colour no matter what you do you will never end up with clown cheeks.
  • A good colour selection with a variety of shades, 17 to be precise.   
The Bad
  • The powder texture though perfect for people with oily skin may be a little too drying if you have dry skin.
  • The staying power is not that great.It only lasts around a couple of hours in humid weather.
  • Jordana products are not easily available in India, which is too bad considering how awesome and inexpensive they are.You can buy them online at Cherry Culture but that means you have to guess swatch most of the shades and all the other cons of online shopping.
Love It Or Chuck It

Jordana Blush in Sandalwood Review And Swatch
I actually bought this almost a year back and since then it has become my go to blush whenever I'm confused or in a hurry.It has never let me down.When I first came across the brand I had my doubts about it since the prices were really low.But the brand gives cheap a whole new meaning.Agreed this is the only product I have tried but I always believed that blushes and foundations are two products that can make or break a brand.And Jordana has won fair and square.I'm planning on hoarding more shades and I have my eyes on Coral Sandy Beach, Tawny Beige and Terracotta.And definitely a backup for Sandalwood.If you have access to the brand don't hesitate in buying, this will be the best purchase you'll ever make.
Update: Jordana products are available at .Haven't tried the website yet but it's an Indian web-store with cod option and discounts on Jordana products.


  1. A lovely shade!! i had something similar in Colorbar :D Great review sonia!

  2. Hey Sonia I too have seen this blush a couple of times on online shopping websites, but the reason behind not picking up the product was absence of a review (preferably by an Indian) and of course low price ... but now i think giving it a shot would make sense .. :)

  3. it surely looks nice..tanveer is a fan of these too..I wud try sometime..

  4. This was the first Jordana blush I tried & I absol love it :D

  5. @Rakshanda:Totally agree!!!
    @Shalini:My thoughts exactly but then I thought what's there to lose?Do give it a try, I'm sure you'll not be disapointed.
    @Bhumika:Please do and let me know.
    @Tanveer:Yeah I read your review and I actually bought this on your reco.Too bad it not easily available.

  6. You can find Jordana products here ::



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