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My Take: Mengdu Foundation Stick

Mengdu Foundation Stick Review
What It Claims
3 in 1 foundation stick, can be used as concealer, foundation and compact.

Mengdu Foundation Stick Review
Rs 150

Mengdu Foundation Stick Review 
Mengdu Foundation Stick Review
The Good
  • The texture is super duper creamy and it blends like a dream. It has a slip to it which I'm assuming is because it contains silicon.
  • Application is really easy and fuss free.I normally draw lines with the bullet all over my face and then blend it with the Sigma F80.Stick foundations are great for beginners.
  • Although the coverage is light to medium, it is buildable without looking too cakey as long as it is blended well.Great for evening out your skin tone.
  • It doubles up as a concealer.Great for spots and also does a pretty good job of evening out red blotchy skin.I have tried using it a couple of times for concealing under eye dark circles and it did a fair enough job.The shade is not ideal for concealing dark circles but since it blends well, application is easier.
  • A steal at 150 specially since most other similar products start at 250+
  • Even though it's cheap and not made by a hot shot brand, the quality of the product is pretty good.It stays on for a good 3-4 hours and does not easily come off with sweat.It did'nt cause any breakout's either.
  • The packaging is quite sturdy and travel friendly, easy for on the go touch ups.
  • The product didn't melt and the bullet didn't collapse despite the extreme heat which is good but also bad in the way that it indicates it has some pretty strong ingredients.
The Bad
  • The biggest con with the product is it's anonymity.I tried an exhaustive search for the brand but the only thing I found out was that the brand was based in China.And normally I won't indulge in obscure brands but this baby has totally won me over despite it's obscure existence.
  • No ingredient list, but I've been using it regular for a while now without any adverse effect on my skin.
  • Application can get a bit streaky if not applied on well moisturised skin.
  • Only a single shade available.
  • Availability is a big issue.There's just one shop in the whole town that stocks this product and it sells like hot cakes despite being an unknown brand.
Love It Or Chuck It
I bought this stick on the recommendation of a friend who was going all gaga over it just to see what the fuss was all about.Normally I'm pretty picky when it comes to makeup but I would make an exception for this one any given day.And although it comes in a single shade the shade is a perfect match for my skin tone.This product just works for me in every possible way.The absence of a well known tag on it is definitely a downer but then I'll keep this as my one cheap makeup thrill I want to indulge.Love It.
  Mengdu Foundation Stick Review
Let me know if you've heard of the brand and whether I should chuck it or keep it.


  1. This looks nice..never heard though..

  2. @Bhumika:Yup it's anonymity is a bit on the flip side, though it's an amazing product.

  3. i have seen it at some shops.. but never used :P but not bad for Rs 150
    Nice review !!

  4. I have the shade ivory 03 it's nice to bland and work awsome....

  5. I have the shade ivory 03 it works nice....

  6. Iv been using this product for more than 2 years now. No side effects. Review is just what this product is. I bought from Mumbai from a cosmetic and jewellery shop called Kanika in a market called Grant Road. Worth for its price!!


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