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Style Diary: 5 Classic Celebrity Red Carpet Looks

Smokin HOT!
Smoldering smoky eyes coupled with a glowing complexion and perfect pout has been a celebrity staple for a while now.And I understand the reason for it it.Smoky eyes can be simple or extravagant depending on the occasion and can easily up the glam quotient without much fuss.The main focus here should be the eyes while the rest of the features take a back seat.A glowing complexion can add to the entire look making it a classic red carpet look: case in point Angelina Jolie.The key to a great smoky eye look is blending which apparently Taylor Momsen decided to skip.

Red Carpet Success

Red Carpet Fiasco

Learn how to get Smoky eyes in 5 minutes or less

Nude Is In
Beautiful glowing skin never goes out of fashion.And the best part about this look is that it can take years off your face.And Jennifer Aniston looks radiant with little makeup on.Obviously you have to have good skin to pull of this look, but makeup can definitely help enhance it even more.Work with your natural skin tone to bring out the natural colours of your skin.Stay away from harsh bronzers, red cheeks or lips and textures that seem unnatural: glossy and powdery.This look will look good only if it seems you have no makeup on. Nicole Kidman got almost everything right except for the excess powder.

Red Carpet Success

Red Carpet Fiasco
Lips To The Rescue

Hot bright lips work like a charm to pump up the oomph quotient.The paler the skin, the bigger the pop. So it's advisable to go light on the eyes and the blush, otherwise you'll risk looking like a clown, Gwen Stefani take note.Olivia Wilde on the other hand plays with bright red glossy lips while keeping the rest of her face neutral.Although red lips are the first thing that come to mind when you think of bright lips, fuchsia, bubblegum pink and berry work as good if not better than red lips.

Red Carpet Success 

Red Carpet Fiasco


Bronze Is All You Need

This look can be a bit tricky and not everyone can pull it off since it's easy to go overboard when it comes to bronzers.The idea is to give a fresh fake bronzy glow to your skin as subtly as possible.And no one can master the bronzed goddess look quite like Cheryl Cole.Since the bronzed look can be pretty strong it's advisable to keep the rest of the makeup soft yet warm in the same tone as the bronzer.And everything should be well blended harsh lines can simply ruin the whole bronzed goddess appeal, which proved to be the demise of whatever Ashley Greene was trying to attempt.

Red Carpet Success
Red Carpet Fiasco

Pop Of Colour

Uber bright eyes are the best way to add a touch of fun colour to your makeup routine.The pop of colour will instantly rev you up.I'm totally digging the bright blue shadow and heavy lashes on Katy Perry.Make sure to use matte shadows and downplay the rest of the makeup specially lips if you want to avoid looking like a show girl or rather Leighten Meester.Apply heavy coats of mascara to help frame your eyes and draw attention to your shadow and to balance the look.

Red Carpet Success

Red Carpet Fiasco

Leighton Meester

What's your favourite celebrity red carpet look?


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