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The EyeDeal Shade Contest Winner And My Favourite Entries

Hosting the EyeDeal Shade Contest was super fun.Everyday I would read up the entries and some of the shades that came up were pretty amazing.So much so that at the end I wished Mattify! Cosmetics would design a palette featuring all the shades.Now that would be an EyeDeal Palette to own!

Before announcing the winner I'd like to share my  favourite shades in no particular order, that I would love to call my EyeDeal Shades:

Midnight sky blue
"A dark gray with a hint of blue and a little silver glitter to make it really pop."
~ Brittany Hovermale

The Dark Side
"Real black with flecks of gray glitter and a touch of silver shining."
~ Daya

Passionate Peach
"Genuine Peach with an orange undertone and finely milled copper and gold flecks."
~ Rajeswari Gopinath

Harvest Romance
"A chocolate brown with flecks of bronze and gold."
~ Jennifer

Yours Royally
"A deep rich maroon with a hint of black which would be be ideal for Indian brides."
~ Deepika Mohan

Festive Mix
"A mix of  deep red shimmery golden and a dash of  sparkly silver."
~ Zooni

Peachy Keen Pink
"Peachy gold color with just a tiny hint of pink which should be sheeny not glittery."
~ Megha

Chic Madness
"A dark iridescent purple with fine green and pink shimmers."
~ Alexandra

Golden Bronzy
"A rich chocolate brown with large golden flakes for a dark smoky eye with attitude."
~ Sara Weekley

Mehendi Green
"A true olive green shade(mehendi shade),with no brown undertones,just maybe a golden sheen to it,but not too much with a satin finish,nothing else.It would be a perfect lid shade to wear with an Indian Wedding Ensemble."
~ Fathima Abdul Kader

And Mattify! Cosmetics choose Chic Madness as the winning shade.

Congratulations Alexandra! You've won yourself goodies from Mattify! Cosmetics.

"There were so many great suggestions, thank you for running this contest! We decided on Alexandra, because she suggested a color completely unlike any we currently have. We have ordered the supplies to produce the new shade, so I will let you know as soon as it’s ready for sale (in 3 weeks or less)."
~ Colleen Lindstrom, the brains behind Mattify! Cosmetics

I hope to host more such fun filled contest in the future too.Do comment and  give your feedback on how I can make giveaways and contests on Beauty And The Blog more interesting and appealing.



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