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My Take: Vega Blush Brush

Vega Blush Brush Review
What It Claims
Vega Blush Brush is made with natural hair, which is ideal for correct pick-up and blending of the powder. The round shape of the hair allows smooth and even application of the powder. Vega blush brush will enable you to apply the powder blush more precisely both in terms of the amount of colour and also the position.

Vega Blush Brush Review
Vega Blush Brush Review
Vega Blush Brush Review
Rs 110

The Good
  • Has a dense set of bristles, which means it picks up a good amount of product.After tapping off the excess, there is still enough left to apply.
  • Works well with all kinds of powder products: loose powder, blush, bronzer, highlighter.
  • Doubles up as an excellent stippling brush to apply foundation.Agreed it's not as stiff as a regular foundation brush, but the dense bristles help buff the foundation into the skin to give a flawless finish.Works even better when slightly damp.
  • Decently priced.
  • Easily available.
  • Has a nice grip and I love the wooden handle.
Vega Blush Brush Review
The Bad
  • Maybe because it's made of natural bristles or maybe it's not of high quality but the bristles are extremely scratchy.The first time I used it, it was not that bad but after I washed it, the bristles got really stiff and scratchy and with every subsequent wash the problem got worse.
  • The bristles shed like nobody's business.And not just while or after washing but while using it to apply blush, which is the only job it's supposed to do.And not just shedding, the bristles splayed after washing too despite using a brush guard.
  • The bristles(turning out to a major peeve now! ) are hard and not at all flexible which makes it useless to apply powder all over(though good for applying foundation).
Love It Or Chuck It
The Vega brush had everything going for it: decently priced, easily available, good at picking and depositing colour and would have made my Love it list except that it shed like crazy and poked and scratched my face.It was like using a loofah.The only saving grace was when I discovered that it works great as a stippling brush and since I use a damp brush the scratchiness is not that evident.Nevertheless I'm not going to repurchase and would not recommend you to either.Which means my hunt for an economical blush brush continues.Chuck It.



  1. wasm eyeing on this for my frnd...ty

  2. That's a shame. I am always looking for good green products and have had to go through so many crap ones to find any that are good.

  3. both my foundation brush and blush brush from vega shed bristles :( but i guess it is ok for beginners. Later i can get brushes from high end brands.

  4. i like brush with bamboo handle :)

  5. Inviting you to my fun fashion giveaway

  6. @Pavani:Not good.Look for other alternative brands and let me know if you find a good one.
    @Beautyholic:That's so true, but then sometimes you do strike gold.Unfortunately this one does not come in that category.
    @Shreya:Try using brushes from faces I have their foundation brush and it's excellent.
    @Sarah:It looks wooden but is actually plastic, but yeah I like it too.

  7. I have the blush brush from vega . . . I kinda like it except the shedding . . . And I thought I was the one having the problem.


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