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Nailed It: Effortless Nail Art

Effortless Nail Art Tutorial Twinkling Sky
Love fancy nail art but are too lazy (or worse clumsy) to do it yourself.Well then you have come to the right place then(god knows if there ever was a place for lazy people, it was Beauty And The Blog!).I call this one Twinkling Sky (corny???) and it's one of the easiest nail art to do (I did it right).

Now I did my nails and then realized I should do a post so I don't have any DIY pictures but since the whole thing is so simple I'll just lay it out for you and hope you get the idea.

Nail Colours:
  • Any shade of blue depending on the colour you want your sky to be
  • Transparent with oodles of tiny silver shimmer for the stars
  • Base Coat, Top Coat (or a transparent shade would do too)
  • Piece of sponge with sharp edges
  • Plastic plate
  • Qtip dipped in nail paint remover to clean stray polish
How To:
Paint a base coat and let it dry.Next dab a few drops of blue nail paint onto a plastic paint and dip the corner of the sponge into it.Start dabbing the sponge onto the tips of your nail to create an air sprayed effect.Alternatively you could simply paint your nail tips with the colour for a cleaner effect.After it dries load up on the sparkle polish and dab onto the tips painted blue.Do a second coat of sparkle if you want.Finish off with a top coat and you have your twinkling sky.

So what's your idea of effortless nail art, comment and let me know!



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