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Freshly Shopped: Violet Bag Review & Haul

Freshly Shopped: review and Haul
Ooops I hauled again.Yeah I did, but honestly how the heck do I resist temptation when I come across a beauty store like Violet Bag, tempting me with all kinds of good things(the beauty kind) and making my abstinence from shopping sound like a crazy idea.So to reiterate Oops I hauled again!

Now I don't want to be biased or anything but so far Violet Bag has totally won me over.They have a huge selection in terms of brands and products with something for everyone.This is one online store which can turn a doubting Thomas(in my case mommy dearest) into a firm believer of online beauty stores.And if you need more convincing then there are the amazing discounts.Everything I bought had a minimum discount of 5% so yay!

And did I mention the express delivery.My package was on my doorstep within 3 days of ordering(placed the order on 22nd night, confirmed it next morning and was happily tearing away the package on the 26th).Add free shipping(on orders above Rs250), Cash On Delivery and awesome customer service to it and you have an irresistible deal waiting to be exploited.  

Freshly Shopped: review and Haul      The adorable Violet, Violet Bag Box

Freshly Shopped: review and HaulSecurely bubble wrapped, I had a hard time ripping it all off!

Anyhoo here's what I got:

Freshly Shopped: review and Haul
Been wanting this for a long time but could not justify buying another kajal considering the stash I have, but then I caved in.And good that I did since it's one of the best eyeliners I have ever used.

Was: Rs 150    
Got It For: Rs 143

Freshly Shopped: review and Haul
Another futile attempt to reign over my temptation but I had heard such good things about these lippies that it was just the excuse I needed to add them to my ever growing pile of lip balms(remember my lip balm obsession).

Was: Rs 129    
Got It For: Rs 120

Freshly Shopped: review and Haul
Had a fancy name (read label), needed a good makeup remover plus was decently priced(and discounted) so got it.

Was: Rs 149    
Got It For: Rs 134

Freshly Shopped: review and Haul
Now all the beauty bloggers this side of Asia were going gaga over this baby, so I thought let me see for myself what the fuss is all about.And so far so good.It does live upto the hype.

Was: Rs 215    
Got It For: Rs 200

Freshly Shopped: review and Haul
Honestly I got this out of curiosity which is something, since I absolutely hated the earlier version(anti puffiness or something).But there were a few good reviews so I thought why not.I have used it a couple of times and it's not that bad(tons better than the other stupid one.)

Was: Rs 199    
Got It For: Rs 185

Freshly Shopped: review and Haul
I never need an excuse to buy brushes.There I said it !These might just be the next thing I might start hording(if I haven't already unknowingly started that is.)

Was: Rs 60 & Rs 50    
Got It For: Rs 51 and 43

All in all a happy and wholesome(wink wink) haul.

So if you are in the mood to shop for beauty products online anytime soon give Violet Bag a spin, you'll love it.
Disclaimer: I used a discount voucher to purchase from , though the review constitutes my honest opinion.Read Review Policy for more information.


  1. Hey Sonia, I had also shopped from this store and I would say, I was so amazed. I placed my second order yesterday only!

  2. Lovely haul! I really loved their prompt delivery and ease of shopping! :)

  3. hi Sonia,
    I have purchased from violetbag too... 2 times actually, they offer a very good service.. But i am inclined to other shopping sites which offer freebies and discount coupons. Violetbag didn't offer me anythng after a
    1300 rs purchase.. :(

  4. @Nivedita: I'm seriously tempted too ;)
    @Pooja: Yup me too
    @Vanity: Couldn't agree more
    @Visakhi: Will be sure to put up the point to them

  5. I am yet to shop from violetbag....

    These beauty websites are making it hard for me - not to splurge!

    you have a Great blog1

    Count me as a follower now! :)

    do visit my lil blog...

  6. btw same pinch...

    I got the niviea lip balms, ponds TM, colossal kajal and Garnier eye roll-on - liking all of them right now!!!


  7. @Viva: Thanks :) I'm already following ya!

  8. Nice Shopping experience
    Thanks for Sharing sonia ;-)

  9. @VioletBag: You're welcome


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