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A Humble Lip Balm To The Beauty Rescue

Obsessed with lip balm are we? Well don't fret cause there are loads of females(and males too) who share your obsession with the humble lip balm, (lip conditioner, lip butter call it what you will).And now I'll give you seven more reasons to fuel your obsession with the lip balm.

Quick Eye Gloss 
The most important trick to smoky eyes is the smudging and nothing does it better than a lip balm.Coat a liner brush generously with eye shadow and mix with some lip balm warmed on the back of your hand, and use it to line your eyes.Alternatively you could apply your liner the usual way and then smudge it with a q-tip coated with a bit of lip balm.In order to avoid creasing and excess smudging make sure you use a very tiny amount of lip balm.This would give your eyeliner the rocker oomph plus make creating smoky eyes a walk in the park.And this is an ideal way to apply mineral eye shadow specially if your are a novice.You can learn more about getting the perfect sultry smoky eye in less than five minutes here.

Dry Skin Be Gone
Winters spell the worst woe when it comes to dry skin.If you keep getting dry and flaky around your mouth, cheek and nose then don't worry cause the lip balm will come to your rescue.Rub some clear lip balm onto the tips of your fingers and warm the wax by rubbing them together and press onto face, concentrating on areas that tend to flake and dry faster, such as around the mouth and nose, as well as the apples of the cheeks and chin.This trick works like magic to help get rid of flaky skin without clogging your pores plus acts as an extra layer of protection against cold elements.

Frizz Control
Don't you just hate carrying full-sized hairspray, gel and wax in your purse just to tame those out of control frizz.Well now you can make do with a simple lip balm which by the way can multitask.Because of it's waxy texture, lip balm makes for a great replacement for hair products.It adds gloss and shine without weighing hair down and making it too oily and gets those pesky flyaways under control.Rub lip balm along your palms and rub together to warm it up and apply like you would apply hair serum.Just remember to use sparingly.

Lip Colour To Suit Your Fancy
Custom lip colours are easy to create when you have access to a tube of lip balm.Just apply to your lips, dip lip brush in your favourite pink, red, berry or plum loose mineral eye shadow and sweep across your pout.This trick will help create a long-lasting satin finish lip colour.You can also add lipstick to get lasting colour.It’s also a great way to try out a new colour before committing to a full tube.

Instant Cream Blush
Cream blush gives that dewy finish that can never be achieved with powder or mineral blush.But the problem is that cream blushes are not easy to come by (not to mention the expensive price tag).But if you own a tube of lip balm(duh!) you have an instant cream blush substitute.Start by applying powder blush to the apples of cheeks, then blend lip balm with fingers over blush with a tapping motion. For a softer effect skip the powder blush and go for a pink/red lip balm.

Eyebrow Groomer
Lip balm provides a waxy texture that brow powder can easily cling to, plus it creates a nice sheen to the finished brow style.Rub a little lip balm onto fingers, and then onto brow, and use the spooly end of a clean mascara wand to brush and style hairs in place. Your brow powder and style will last all day.

Lashy Lashes
If you are not a big fan of the mascara but still want a conditioned flirty lashes then lip balm is the way to go(also works when you have 5 minutes to get ready and out of the house).Simply rub it onto the tips of eyelashes for shine and definition.

If up until now you haven't found a justified reason for keeping a lip balm on you at all times, I'm sure you will now after reading this post.So it's time to stock up on those tubes ladies and take the obsession up a notch.
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