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Top Tips for Shopping Safely Online

Modern day living means that many people do not have the time to scour the high streets and shopping centres looking for what they want, which is why so many of them do the bulk of their shopping online.
The growth of the internet has made life so much easier for many of us, but its sheer size also means that you need to take care if you want to enjoy safe online shopping. If you are looking for unique clothing for instance, from high-end retailers you’re likely to find much better prices available online than off. If you are new to the idea of online shopping then you might welcome some top tips for shopping safely online.

Tip 1: Check the Company is Registered 
These days anyone with a domain name, web-hosting services and a little knowledge can set themselves up with an online business, which is why you need to dig a little deeper if you want to be sure of their credibility. All legitimate companies should be registered at Companies House or on the Whois database and you should be able to check this out online. Before you buy from an online supplier make sure that you have the company’s full name, address and telephone number.

Tip 2: Check Their Terms and Their Reputation
Before you buy anything, whether online or off, you should check out the company’s terms and conditions to make sure there is nothing there that undermines your rights as a buyer. You should ask for a complete price breakdown so that you know exactly how much you are paying, including VAT. You should also seek out details of delivery charges and expected delivery dates.

It’s worth Googling the company name before you buy as it will give you an idea of what other shoppers think of their service. Stay away from flame sites; i.e. those websites where people say what they like, whether or not it has a basis in truth. Just do a general search to find out whether there are more satisfied customers than there are complaints.

Tip 3: Make Sure They Accept Credit Card Payments
It is much safer to pay by credit card when you shop online because the credit card company will make a refund if your details are accessed. Always choose a website that has a padlock symbol in the bottom left corner as this indicates that it’s safe to use your credit card on that particular site. While there’s no guarantee that the site is genuine, your credit card data is encrypted so it can’t be accessed by anyone else.

Tip 4: Check Out Your Cancellation Rights 
While it may be easier to obtain stylish pieces of unique clothing from retail outlets online, you cannot try before you buy and it is for this reason that internet shoppers have cancellation rights. Cancellation rights mean that you are legally entitled to return most goods within seven days and enjoy a complete refund even if there is nothing wrong with the goods – you may, however be asked to pay the return delivery costs.

Guest Post By Crispin Jones.
Crispin has written this article on behalf of Anna Davies, who offer safe online shopping for their range of unique menswear and Barbour clothing.Crispin is a proud father and freelance writer who enjoys writing on topics including consumer issues and interior design.



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