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Launch Pad: Rouge Bunny Rouge New Eye Shadow Shades

 Long-lasting Eye Shadow - Bashful Flamingo          Long-lasting Eye Shadow - Sweet Dust Seriema
Recently Rouge Bunny Rouge launched When Birds Are Singing long lasting eye shadows in 8 beautiful shades.And these eye shadows come bundled up with a very interesting write up:

"The firefly festival is eagerly awaited all year in the Enchanted Garden. For then on this very special day, the best voices of the bird-world feed on tiny fireworks to embellish their voices and then gather to perform a single concert together. Their jubilant musical notes are inscribed in a syrup of figs and milk and preserved in tiny pots to be enjoyed all year round. Like this golden froth of musical syrup, WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING... eye shadows are a time defying exotic enigma. This is plumage to adorn you in shades as deliciously mellow as soft silence that flows, or as brilliantly potent as jewelled notes. So addictive are these morsels that you’ll be causing your own kaleidoscopic ripples every time you wear them."

These powder eye shadow have an astonishing lightweight, creamy touch and unprecedented adherence.The formula creates pure dynamic iridescence while it maintains second skin effect and gives an extended 8-hour wear that will stay perfect and look freshly applied all day.Contains Orange-derived Flavonoid which improves blood microcirculation, enhances luminosity and serves as free radicals scavenger.

And now they have added two more beautiful shades:
  • Sweet Dust Seriema (Semi-opaque cool dusty mauve taupe)
  • Bashful Flamingo (Semi-opaque pale powder-pink, looking ultra natural and fresh on the eye)
Check out these beautiful shades and an array of other gorgeous sounding(and hopefully looking too) makeup at the Rouge Bunny Rouge website

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