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Romantic Beauty Looks for Valentine's Day

If you are planning to do something special for Valentine's Day, don't forget to plan a beauty look that is romantic enough to match the occasion. Even if you don't normally get dressed up or bother with makeup, this is one day you should put forth a little extra effort. Romantic looks can be either daring and seductive or subtle and whimsical. Here's how to get both of these popular romantic looks.

Soft and Sweet

Leighton Meester Sweet And Simple Makeup Look Valentine
Leighton Meester
If you're the girl-next-door type, you probably want to look romantic without going over the top. Valentines Day is an occasion for a few subtly romantic touches.

If you're going for the soft and sweet look, you want your makeup to look polished but not overdone. A soft, smoky grey shadow is perfect for the crease of your eyelids. Be sure to blend it outward so it looks natural. You can line your eyes with the same shade using a wet eyeliner brush. A coat of glossy mascara completes the soft eye look. A sweep of pink or peach blush is a great way to get flushed cheeks. You might also want to use a pearly highlighter for a romantic glow. For kissable lips, choose a soft berry gloss or stain.

Wavy hair is the top choice for a soft romantic look. If your hair is naturally straight, try spritzing some sea salt into your hair to make it look more tousled. You could also create soft waves with big rollers or a large-barreled curling iron. If your hair is thick, pin up some of it on top of your head using a whimsical barrette. This gives you the look of beautiful, flowing hair while conveniently keeping your hair out of your face in case something romantic should transpire.

Bold and Sexy

Penelope Cruz Bold And Sexy Makeup Look Valentine
Penelope Cruz
If you're not afraid to make a statement, this is the day to go bold and daring with your makeup. Have some fun and go for a classically glamorous look.

The quintessential ingredient for a sexy look is red lipstick. Even if you think you can't normally pull it off, on Valentine's Day you have the perfect excuse to try. Go for a brick red if you have warm undertones. If your skin is pale or cool-toned, pick up a blue-based red. Make sure your lips are well-hydrated because bold reds can accentuate flakes. Line your lips first so your color will stay in place. You can also be a bit adventurous with your eyes. A thick, dramatic layer of matte black eyeliner on the top lid topped with a few coats of waterproof black mascara looks great with sexy red lips. If you want to go the extra mile, false lashes round out this look. Choose a neutral blush that will enhance your natural cheekbones without competing with your lips and eyes for attention.

There are a few directions you can take when you’re going for a classic sexy hair look. Straight hair is never out of place with this look. Use a hair straightener and glossing serum to make sure it stays sleek all night. Big hair also complements bold makeup. Big curls or waves work well. You could even tease your hair up a bit if it's normally fine or limp to give your hair a little extra lift.

Valentine's Day offers a great opportunity to use your look to create a mood. Ditch your usual boring makeup and try something soft and sweet or bold and sexy. Switch it up and surprise someone special!

Guest Post By Cindi Lewis.
Cindi writes for GLOSSY a skin care brands and beauty products online retailer.



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