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Beauty And The Blog Featured In Cosmopolitan India

Beauty And The Blog Featured In Cosmopolitan India
When I started Beauty And The Blog I never once imagined myself to be called a beauty specialist.A beauty enthusiastic probably, a beauty adviser maybe but never a specialist.So to be actually called a "Beauty Specialist" and that too by none other than Cosmopolitan is a huge honour.

Beauty And The Blog Featured In Cosmopolitan India
I haven't stopped grinning since I first got to know about it (seriously it's been 3 days and its non-stop) and ever since I bought the copy I've been flashing page 226 to everyone in sight starting with the shopkeeper(yeah he was a bit freaked out by the jig I did outside his shop.)

Beauty And The Blog Featured In Cosmopolitan India
Maybe I need to give myself a pat on the back but on second thoughts maybe not because this achievement is not just mine alone to savour, its what we call a team effort and the biggest part of that team are my fabulous readers.They are the best inspiration any blogger could hope for.And of course my beautiful circle of friends and family, the other members of the team.They have constantly supported me through every bend in the road always believing the very best in me.

Beauty And The Blog Featured In Cosmopolitan India
BnB started as one of my countless whims(yeah I have loads) and was actually inspired by one of the bloggers featured in the article (I'd love to mention her name but it wouldn't be fair to the other awesome bloggers featured in the article) and has become an integral part of who I am in it's two years of existence.What was supposed to be a collection of beauty rambling actually became the source of something much more meaningful.

A big shout out to all of the other totally awesome bloggers featured along with me and a giganormous hug to Meher Bajwa for putting me in the spotlight.

Beauty And The Blog Featured In Cosmopolitan India
Meher asked me a number of questions via email and since the article only contains an excerpt I thought I'd share the whole thing with you all:

An IT specialist by profession and a passionate writer by choice.
City you're based out of:
How long have you been blogging?
Since July ‘10
Why a beauty blog specifically?
I’m what one would call a “Beauty Nerd” and I blog to share my love for all things beautiful, so a beauty blog was the ideal choice. I believe that every woman wants to feel beautiful inside out so I pitch in my two cents on how simple and easy it is to look and feel beautiful.
What do you blog about?
BnB, is a mixed bag of all things girly. So I wanted to write about things that would appeal to our vanity. Apart from the usual beauty product reviews, I love talking about skincare, hair care, weight loss, shopping, latest fashion fads, makeup tips & tricks and my favourite: beauty do it yourself recipes: like whipping up tasty treats for your skin or duping your favourite makeup in the comforts of your home or saving a few bucks with thrifty makeovers.
What beauty product can you not live without?
Liz Earle Super Skin Concentrate. It’s an elixir for your skin with a blend of amazing smelling oils like argan, rosehip, neroli and lavender. A bit expensive (around Rs 3000) but worth every rupee. Another beauty must have is chapstick. And any brand will do though my absolute favourite is the Nivea Tinted Chapstick (Rs 129).
Have you been able to make any money out of your blog?
I don’t want BnB to become a money churner cause then blogging will become a job so I keep the money making strategies to a minimum. I do however make some money from advertisements, affiliations and sponsored reviews which I use to host Giveaways for my readers.
What kind of feedback do you receive?
Majority of my readers are from the Indian sub continent and share my passion for beauty related stuff. I love engaging with my readers and they reciprocate back with the same enthusiasm, sharing their likes, dislikes, opinions along with suggestions and advice. My readers have become a coherent part of my beauty circle and my blog would simply seize to exist without them.
What is the story behind your blog's name?
I love puns so the title isn’t as imaginative as one might think. I was racking my brains to come up with something to add to “Beauty And” and the only thing that kept popping was beast, so I just caved in and used “The Blog” (not beast!)
What are you personal favourite blogs and vlogs?
I’m a big foodie and one of my biggest guilty pleasures is ogling at pictures of food which is why I love Smitten Kitchen. Amongst beauty blogs I love Lisa Eldridge’s blog. She’s an amazing makeup artist with a knack for making extraordinary makeup videos. Another favourite is High Heel Confidential which is a great blog to keep track of how our Indian celebrity brigade is faring in the fashion department.
What’s your top tip for someone who's looking to start to beauty blog?
Content is King. So keep it different, original and varied. Let your personality peek through your words.
Do you have a history of working with make-up?
What are your favourite beauty trends this season?
  • Ombre. And not just hair but ombre nails, ombre lips, ombre eyes and of course the thing that started it all ombre hair.
  • Bold matte lips. Glosses are passé with lip creams and matte textures ruling the roost.
  • Multitasking makeup. Think of a product that can be applied on eyes, lips and cheeks.
  • Egyptian style eye liner. A fresh change from Cat Flick Eyeliner.
  • Braided hair: French, rope, fish, Dutch. A great way to keep your hair out of your face and yet keep it stylish.
Ps: The article did get my URL wrong though, its



  1. Congratulations on the feature! What a huge and well deserved accomplishment.

  2. Congrats sonia! It was good to read your interview! You look very bubbly and cute! Joined you Via gfc by name tapaswini! Do check my blog! :)

  3. @Kay: Thanks sweetie.
    @Manya: Thanks hun, will definitely follow back :)

  4. Congos Sonia! very well deserved accomplishment

  5. congrats Sonia..joined you recently n have to say this feature is an well deserved one.. way to go.. <3 <3

  6. Wow, congratulations. So happy for you!

  7. Congrats Sonia!!! It's wonderful that so many beauty bloggers are finally getting the recognition that they deserve!

  8. @Vanu: Thanks a ton!!!
    @fus: Thanks for stopping by BnB and your appreciation, glad to have you around.
    @Anju: Thanks for saying that.It means a lot that you think so :)
    @EMB: Thanks :) and so sweet of ya
    @Poohkie: Thanks dear :)
    @Sahar: Thanks sweetie!
    @Tanveer: Thanks :) and congrats you too!

  9. Hey Sonia..absolutely awesome...great to know all this!! - IshaT

  10. @Sonia: btw did u recognize me? :)

  11. @IshWish: I do happen to know a Isha Tewari from college, is that you???

  12. @Sonia: Yeah..Tiwari that is :) ..and do you have any idea how much of a distraction (in office) ur blog has caused ever since I came to know about it ??? Its been some 3 days and I am glued to it all through the day...religiously reading and liking every bit of it! :) Cosmo thing was superbly great...keep up with the great work that u are doing.. Love!

  13. @Isha: Oh wow, great to find you here :)
    blogs are meant for distractions where do you think I post from ;)

  14. Hey, I am here on your blog for the first time and I must say you have put everything superbly. Congratulations on the success and wish you have many such milestones in your blogging journey.

  15. @Baronial Feminite: Thanks a ton :)You have a great blog too :)


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