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5 Fool Proof Emergency Makeup Fixes

5 Fool Proof Emergency Makeup Fixes
Everyone has been in a makeup mess one time or the other and if you're the kind that puts on makeup 5 minutes before rushing out the door you've been in umpteen such messes.Since I'm in a makeup mess on a daily basis it's no surprise that I have my own personal arsenal to get me out of any makeup disaster.These tips will guarantee a fix to any makeup fiasco that you can concoct without having to carry tons of makeup supplies.Just a few basic essentials like tissue,q tips and you are set to tackle any makeup emergency the universe throws on you.

Flaky Mascara
The trick to avoid flakes is in the application.Dab mascara onto a lash/brow brush and apply.Repeat with as many coats you want to get the desired length and volume.Mascara applied in this manner will never smudge or flake.But how to fix if we do get flaky mascara, use a q-tip or if you have a handy blending brush, dipped in translucent powder to gently wipe away the flakes.The powder will remove moisture out of the skin so that the particles don’t smear and create a mess.

Creased Eye Shadow
Always use a primer before applying eye shadow.The golden rule.Yeah yeah.But who is bothered with primer when the carpool is honking outside.So you get a creasy eye shadow.Big deal.Use your ring finger gently to rub the colour around your lids to even it out.Use a tissue to brush away any extra shadow that falls around the eyes.However if you intend to wear eye makeup for longer than a couple of hours, an eye primer is your best friend.You can easily make one at home using my simple DIY Eye Primer Recipe.Cream shadows are also a great option since they never smudge, budge or crease.

Lipstick On Teeth
This one is easy, all you have to do is wrap a tissue around your index finger and pop it in your mouth.Slowly pull the finger out as you make an ‘o’ shape with your lips.Do it right after you have applied lipstick to prevent lipstick mishaps.Whenever using a dark lipstick use the pat and blot technique to get smudge free lipstick.To remove stray lipstick on teeth use a q-tip smeared with Vaseline to wipe it off without leaving any lipstick stain.

Panda Eyes

5 Fool Proof Emergency Makeup Fixes-How to fix Panda Eyes
 Panda Eyes might become Miss Gaga but trust me smudged and smeared eye makeup is every girl's worst nightmare revisited many times over.Runny eye makeup occurs because the skin beneath your eye heats up and the moisture from your skin melts the mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow.An eye primer does help but what if you start resembling a panda in the middle of a meeting.The fix is simple.Dab a teeny bit of concealer under the eye and use a q-tip to wipe away the mess.I love using the Garnier Roll On Concealer since it's easy to carry and use.The concealer will ensure that you don't wipe off your base while removing excess makeup easily.Make sure to wipe right under the lash line and corners of the eye.Next apply some compact powder right under your eyes.Press the powder into the skin instead of rubbing.Fix your eye makeup if required and then gently brush away excess powder.Voila you are back to looking fab and perfect.

Shiny T-Zone
A shiny t-zone is the worst makeup disaster that can happen and using a compact to get the oil under control is the worst fix for it ever, since chances are you'll end up looking cakey.Try using a makeup fixer instead.Spritz it onto the problem areas and using a tissue dab until the fixer is absorbed by the skin.It will not only refresh your makeup but remove traces of sweat and oil.You can make your own Makeup Fixer using this simple DIY recipe.Just remember to dab and not rub or you'll wipe away your makeup.You can also try using a hand sanitizer since it contains alcohol.Use it sparingly in the same way that you would use the makeup fixer applying on problem areas and dabbing away with a tissue.

Hopefully you are now ready to face any emergency makeup disaster head on with these tips.Make an emergency makeup kit and keep it with you so you're ready and prepared at all times.
I'd love to know if you any emergency makeup fix to add.  


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