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Ten Commandments For Applying Nail Paints

I'm a big nail polish fanatic.But unfortunately I'm pretty clumsy with them also.So inevitably I end up splotching up what could have been an awesome manicure.Which means that usually I end up at my BFF's doorstep with a bottle in hand(sometimes not even that she has an amazing collection).She has a natural instinct for nail polish application(weird you may think but thankful I am) and so I decided to get her to spill her secrets.
Here we are : 10 commandments for nail paint application straight from the horse's mouth.
  1. No cuticles equals a neater application.Don’t use orange sticks which may cause damage.Instead soak hands in warm water and then apply a cuticle cream (or Vaseline ) and push the cuticles with either a damp towel or q-tip to reveal the base of your nails.
  2. Work on filed and shaped nails.Even if you have short nails.Use an emery board instead of a metal filer.It's safer and gives better results.
  3. Polish applies best on clean nails so make sure to wipe your nails with nail polish remover before starting.Use a generous amount to clean your nails of any residue left after you apply cream/oil.Also polish sticks better on buffed nails which makes nails smoother.
  4. Bubbles in the paint are bad news.Never shake the bottle but roll it between your hands
  5. Now we can get to the business of applying.It's not necessary to start with a base coat but if you intend to use a darker polish it's always better to use a base coat to avoid staining.Although if you do end up with yellow/stained nails you can always use any whitening toothpaste on them.But you need to do it religiously to see effects.Buffing also helps.
  6. Instead of applying one thick coat it's better to apply two thin coats.It dries faster and your manicure is more lasting.
  7. When applying nail paint, make sure to paint the top edge of the nail and a little on the underside of the tips so that the paint does not chip.
  8. Keep your nail polish remover and a clean brush(use a paint brush or a cleaned old nail polish brush) handy especially if your application technique remotely resembles mine.If you smudge your polish or make a mistake dip your nail in the remover and paint over with the brush.This is also useful when you chip a nail and don't have the time to paint over again.Use a q-tip dipped in remover to wipe off any excess around the nails.
  9. This is important.Let your nails dry for at least an hour before you attempt any heavy duty labor(or in my case plain labor,great excuse to avoid chores ;).You could try dipping your nails in cold water to dry them faster but don’t do it right after applying.Instead wait for 10 minutes.Avoid using any dry heat like blow-drier.
  10. Finally if you want the paint to look glossy apply a top coat every other day.This will not only increase the life of your manicure but also make them fresh and shiny.



  1. Thank you! These were really helpful :D

  2. @Lawren: You're welcome :)

  3. Thanks!! Good to know... =)

  4. If you like doing flowers like the nail salon....file down a toothpick on one side till its flat. Dip it in nail polish....and wala! A flower. For the finishing touch, use the pointy end for the leaves.


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