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Beautiful Hairstyles That Take Under 5 Minutes

Beautiful Hairstyles That Take Under 5 Minutes

Want great looking hair but short on time? These four hairstyles will do just that, and all in under 5 minutes. You’re welcome!

5 Minute Curls

Curling your hair can sometimes feel like it takes forever! This is especially true if your hair is long and/or thick. But there is another way. Brush your hair thoroughly and tie it onto the crown of your head with an elastic hairband. Make sure the band is one looser than usual, though, otherwise it might damage the curls when you remove it later. Spritz the ponytail with a heat protection spray. Then, taking your curling tongs or wand- either is fine- start working through each section. By having made a ponytail, you’ll have far less hair to work on. Once every section has been curled, spray with hairspray then remove the hairband. Be careful not to pull too hard and ruin all of your hard work. Shake out your hair, spray a little more hairspray and you’re good to go! Look here for a quick tutorial.

5 Minute Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid is fast becoming a firm favourite in many girls repertoire. More sophisticated than a normal plait, it’s great for keeping hair out of your face. It is also versatile in where you can wear it. You can start at the crown of your hair for a classic braid look. Or, start it at the base of your skull if your hair is long enough. Alternatively, pull all your hair around to one side and start from just below your eye. This final option is especially good. The braid is so pretty you’ll want as many people to see it as possible. This diy fishtail braid tutorial will give you everything you need to know to get the technique perfect.

5 Minute Scarf Wrap

As you might have guessed from the name, you’ll need a scarf to hand for this one. First off, wrap the scarf around your head, over the hair, and pin in place. Clear bobby pins, or pins that match your hair colour, are the best for this. Then, bit by bit, work around the head, tucking portions of hair into the scarf. Work all the way around, from front to back and back around again. Once you’re done, finish off my tucking in any loose strands that you might have missed. This hairstyle looks like it should have taken hours but will only actually take a few minutes. Plus, the scarf is extra useful for second-day hair that almost needs washing. Bonus.

5 Minute Long Ponytail

No, you don’t need long hair or extensions for this one. Just a cunning bit of trickery. To begin with, section your hair into two ponytails. Gather the top layer of your hair and place it on the top of your head, above the crown if you can. Then tie the bottom layer in the centre of the back of your head. Use a thicker bobble for the top section, and a thinner one for the second. A clear elastic would be even better. Then, bring down the top ponytail so it hangs over the top of the second layer. Now the two layers are together, tease them so they look like one. You can do this by backcombing or by curling them a little. Finally, add some hairspray to keep both sections moving as one. Like the braid, you can mix this one up a little by making them side ponytails.

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