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My Take: Sigma F45 Buffer Brush

What It Claims

Sigma F45 Buffer Brush Review
Sigma F45 Buffer Brush is ideal for applying mineral foundation, loose or pressed powders. Also great to buff colours and obtain a soft, blended look. Made of natural bristles.

$19 + shipping
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The Good
  • Great for loose and pressed powders.
  • The bristles are extremely soft and distribute powder evenly.
Sigma F45 Buffer Brush Review
  • Buffs product evenly to give a natural finish.
  • The bristles are densely packed and yet have movement in them.The surface area is good enough to pick adequate powder.
Sigma F45 Buffer Brush Review
  • Extremely travel-friendly.Ever since I first started using it I've been carrying it in my emergency on the go kit to apply loose powder.And unlike other fluffy powder brushes this baby does not hog space.
  • Blends any harsh contour lines left behind by blush or bronzer.I love using it to buff my blush to give a lovely natural finish as if my skin is radiating colour from within (of course the blush also has a role to play).
  • The brush itself is is easy to hold and control (around 2" by 2" ).
Sigma F45 Buffer Brush Review
  • I washed it before using (as instructed) and surprisingly it dried super quick,  faster than the F80.And unlike other brushes the bristles did not loose their softness nor did it splay(that might be because I encased it in my brush guard while drying).
  • I had tried a few brushes to apply the Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush, but without getting that desired finish.With this one however I got the perfect finish.The blush blended beautifully with the foundation to give a natural finish.
The Bad
  • The bristles shed like crazy.Maybe it's because the brush is dense but whatever the reason every time I use it my face is left with loose hair which is very irritating to pick out.Although I've noticed that the shedding has reduced considerably after using it for a while.
  • A little expensive specially when you add the shipping cost.
  • Only available online.
  • I wish it came with a protective guard to keep the bristles in place.I use the largest brush guard I have but it would be great if they could provide one for the cost.
Sigma F80 Vs Sigma F45
While Sigma F80 is more suited to liquid products Sigma F45 is great for powder products.The former is priced at $16 and despite being cheaper than Sigma F45 is of a better quality(maybe it's because it's made of synthetic bristles which are more durable).I tried substituting one for the other but both belong to different classes of brushes.Sigma F80 has a flat top and very densely packed bristles which makes it ideal for buffing liquid and cream products while the Sigma F45 has a slightly rounded top and though it has a dense head of hair, the bristle are less densely packed making it ideal for buffing powder products.
You can read a detailed review of the Sigma F80 here.

Love It Or Chuck It
This is the kabuki I had been waiting for.It's fluffy and soft and great at buffing powders.It's a handy brush to carry because of it's size and multitasking capabilities.It does come with a heavy price tag, but the quality is great and the brush would definitely last a while, as long as you take good care of it.I do wish that it would shed a little less, but despite it I love this cutesy.

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