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My Take: Khadi Pudina Scrub Gel

Khadi Pudina Scrub Gel Review
What It Claims
An Ayurvedic scrub which helps to remove blackhead and scars from the skin surface and makes skin healthy.

Directions For Use
Rub gently on face and neck using gentle circular motions for around 30 seconds.I like to keep the scrub for another 30 seconds and then rinse off.

Use twice a week.

Rs 110 for 210ml

The Good
  • Has a lovely minty fresh aroma to it.
  • The scrub is gel based which is easier to rinse off without leaving a greasy residue behind.
  • The granules are the perfect size and grit and are suspended in a green gel.They are not overly abrasive or harsh yet mange to do a good job at scrubbing.
Khadi Pudina Scrub Gel Review
  • My skin instantly feels cleansed and fresh after every use.It's great for exfoliating dry flaky skin around my nose and chin.
  • A coin sized blob is enough for the entire face so the bottle will last a while.
  • Great for combating dry patches.Because of the weather change I had been suffering from dry patches on my elbows and knees and this scrub magically took care of them.
  • Economical compared to other brands.
  • Does not leave face excessively dry or oily, so will suit most skin types.
  • Did not cause any adverse reaction on my skin or any breakouts which is something considering my skin has gone pretty rogue these days.
  • The bottle packaging is convenient and fuss free with a flip top.
The Bad
  • Does not help with either blackheads or scars as claimed.
  • Not the easiest product to find since it's only available at Khadi Stores.
  • The granules might be a bit too harsh if you have sensitive or acne prone skin.
  • The thick consistency is a bother to dispense.I have to keep it inverted at all times to dispense the product.
Love It Or Chuck It
I love the fresh mintiness about it, the fact that the granules are quite gentle on skin and most of all the light gel consistency but I won't be repurchasing it simply because I have sworn off the granulated scrubs forever.I find that they agitate and aggravate problematic skin and I have put all my faith in AHA based scrubs and packs these days.But if you are looking for an affordable scrub that delivers then you need not look further than this one i.e. if you can find a Khadi Store near you.

I'd love to know your go to scrub, do comment and tell.



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